Feb 012013

Take this, losers!

Monochromatic satin sweat suits. Adidas Superstars. Shades. Once again, Marty Balin poses the question, What planet am I from?


  4 Responses to “Born to Be a Winner”

  1. underthefloat

    Not Pluto. Only losers were born on that impostor of a planet.

  2. Nice! Marty rules! Somebody just sent me this — artists rendering of Paul Westerberg in shades, sleveless T, Twins cap and holding a beer cup.


  3. jeangray

    Just imagine how many woman he has slept with!

  4. ladymisskirroyale

    He comes from the Planet Color Blind. That combination of green jumpsuit with turquoise scarves smacks of a man who lacks some red/green cones.

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