Aug 292013

Hey Bud, why are the Velvet Underground used as the background for this festival's ad campaign?

Hey Bud, why are the Velvet Underground used as the background for this festival’s ad campaign?

Townsman cdm raises a good point on the recent All-Star Jam:

Is it my imagination or is the Budweiser Made in America concert inexplicably using pictures of members of the Velvet Underground as wallpaper on their website? If so, why?

The Townsperson who can track down an explanation from Budweiser or the ad agency behind this website will be rewarded with a case of beer, even Bud, if that’s what you like.


  8 Responses to “Budweiser…WTF?”

  1. If this fest took place in NYC, it might make a little sense. But for Philly… why?

    Is this a clue that Lou is going to jump on stage during to perform some Mistrial deep cuts with Beyonce?

  2. BigSteve

    From Pitchfork:

    UPDATE: Weirdly, the festival’s artwork features the piece “Untitled (The Velvets)” by artist Richard Prince, which repurposes an old photo of the Velvet Underground. Thanks to Neal M. for the heads up.

    Please send a case of beer to Neal M., whoever that is.

  3. Neal confirms the obvious – that this is an image of the band – but he fails to explain how the image relates to the festival. I will send Neal a bottle of beer for his humble efforts. Thanks for pointing his work out, BigSteve!

  4. Lou Reed, as his image was meant to be misappropriated….

  5. mockcarr

    Pretty standard subliminal messages if the shots are from Loaded.

  6. Rockodial Hunter

    Crikey Mate. This is good oil!

    You musta searched beyond the black stump for this one. Here I am about to yawn a liquid laugh from crawlin’ the down under for tunes bein’ played in the wild. And you come along like a bunyip outta the bush baggin’ a trophy that don’t even make a sound.

    This here is new game for all o’ us wild rock hunters. Akubras off to you mate. You done made a sook outta me.

  7. ladymisskirroyale

    If this is any help, Mr. Royale shared that R. Prince used to appropriate Marlboro ads for his artwork. He would literally cut out the Marlboro Man from an ad, enlarge it and sell it for a lot of money.

    Maybe doing the same with a Clydesdale was too costly so they settled on an image more recognizably related to music.

  8. 1/4 of the VU lineup shown was “Made in Wales”

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