Mar 242021

Seems to me these album covers need captions to fully explain things. Perhaps you could help…?

1. Rolling Stones
2. King Crimson

  6 Responses to “Caption, Please”

  1. 6. Hey Maverick, I thought we all agreed not to shave off our facial hair until after the photo shoot, and we would ALL wear pants.

  2. 2. “Let’s hustle up guys, I have to do a Blasters cover later on this afternoon.”

    6. Orleans guy (center): “Huh, I didn’t realize it was THAT cold in here…”

    Orleans guy (far right): “Go fuck yourself, Larry.”

  3. 4. Now I see why they call you the Purple One.

  4. hrrundivbakshi

    2. What I imagine EPG’s face to look like whenever he types the words “Sam Ash sound.”

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    7. Okay, this one is obviously a joke. I just wanted to sneak a picture of Mr. Moderator into RTH somehow.

  6. Hey CDM! That was laugh out loud funny! I needed that!

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