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There’s only one Dukes, man.

Or are they one-and-the-same?


  16 Responses to “C’mon! Really? Waddup Wi Dat?”

  1. I love thinking how you “Dan” fans feel about this. Serves you right.

  2. This could have been an All-Time Horror-Tastic piece. Alas, Fagen eschewed the keytar.

    Put up yer Dukes!



  3. Ah, I don’t see how this differs much from the NY Rock n Soul Review from 1990. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_York_Rock_and_Soul_Revue

    I saw them at the old Philadelphia Spectrum. Good show, but I was in the superbox with open bar and catered food.

  4. Why is Scaggs in sepia tone?

  5. sammymaudlin

    Because Fagan is “glowing”. It’s the full spectrum of color from dull-to-brilliant.

    I wanna know why Fagan’s site is the only one of the three to not be presenting The Dukes first-and-foremost.

  6. sammymaudlin

    …and let’s get down to it…

  7. 2000 Man

    He’s the one that doesn’t need the money.

  8. 2000 Man

    Hey, according to wikipedia, in 2010 they played three songs in a row by The Band. How you likin’ them now?

  9. hrrundivbakshi

    Here’s something to contemplate: that first Dukes (of Stratosphear) album came out in, what, 1984? It was a loving pastiche of music from — let’s say 1967. That is to say, it mimicked and paid homage to music that was 17 years old.

    In 2012, if you wanted to don the rock store-bought halloween costume, complete with plastic, funny-smelling face mask, and celebrate music from 17 years ago, you’d be looking at 1995 — the year that brought us “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal, “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio and “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson.

    Just thought I’d drop THAT spiked sugar-cube into your morning coffee.


  10. bostonhistorian

    Someone went back in time to keep his parents from meeting and he’s slowly fading away.

  11. bostonhistorian

    They wanted Ted Nugent so they could be the Amboy Dukes of September but then worried that Nugent would mistake McDonald’s beard for something that could be bow hunted.

  12. Strong Post of the Month contender!

  13. mockcarr

    You wish.

    I bet they attempted to have some color in Skaggs’ representation, but he’s so white that he repels the entire spectrum.

    Is Fagan glowing or glowering? In any case, why did he steal the snowman in the middle’s scarf?

  14. alexmagic

    We should form this band, and then claim the inspiration was a dream in which a CD single of Blue’s Traveler’s “Hook” and Shaggy’s “Boombastic” was split in half and inside was our first hit song.

    That said, 1995 also had Pulp’s Different Class, Blur’s The Great Escape and Radiohead’s The Bends, which arguably makes 17 years ago the exact right year to look to for a loving British pastiche act of today.

  15. misterioso

    Because that’s how he looks in real life.

  16. misterioso

    Yeah, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, brother.

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