Jan 242012

What’s the connection between this video…

…and the next one?

After the jump…!


  14 Responses to “Connections…”

  1. misterioso

    I think I’ve got it: there is also a small but vocal group of delusional people who think Kaleidoscope also performed with a herd of cattle and vultures on stage.

  2. alexmagic

    Seems pretty easy: each video features someone who has feasted on human blood. In the ZZ Top video, it’s Fairuza Balk’s vampire character. In the Kaleidoscope video, it’s the entire band, who appear to be some kind of creepy murder cult.

    Seriously, I think I finally found a band who looks more likely to kill you after your RV breaks down in the woods near their prayer tent than Spirit.

  3. Both excellent connections, but not what the judges are seeking.

  4. cliff sovinsanity

    Perhaps I’m stating the obvious, but both videos feature a lead singer sporting beards and shades. I can’t really tell anything else, as I’m seduced by the sauciness of Fairuza.

  5. misterioso

    That’s as may be, but a better answer just might require my watching that entire ZZ Top video, and that just isn’t happening. It’s like 45 minutes long.

  6. misterioso

    Somewhere, Randy California is sighing in relief.

  7. ladymisskirroyale

    Would the answer have something to do with the 13th Floor Elevators?

    Or is it something obvious like Fairuza was in a movie called “Gas, Food, Lodging” and played the sister of Ione Skye who in the movie was dating some guy who I think was a geologist and that first video clip was by that dude Mr. Lomax, who was an anthropologist, so both clips have to do with professions that are “ists.” Yeah.

  8. This is a tough one. I am thinking that if anyone gets it it might be The Great 48 or Diskojoe. I will reveal tomorrow, if need be.

  9. BigSteve

    Not sure what the connection is (and it’s late, I never made it through the ZZ Top clip), but it’s cool to see a very young David Lindley in the Kaleidoscope clip. That’s definitely him taking the Tele solo in the rock version of the song, and that might possibly be him playing the banjo at the start as well.

  10. I was going to reveal the connection today, but now I’m thinking I’ll leave it hanging for a future Townsperson to determine. Meanwhile, your “incorrect” guesses have been entertaining. I am disappointed that The Great 48 has not gotten this yet.

  11. jeangray

    Creepy murder cult is a good look for a band!

  12. jeangray

    It’s longer.

  13. Will yet another day pass without a correct answer from The Great 48? This is troubling me, man. If anyone around here could figure this out it would be him.

  14. Maaaan that was groovy!

    Kaleidoscope was supposed to perform at Woodstock but were ‘detained’ for obvious reasons…therefore Richie Havens opened the festival..then years mayhaps decades later when I went to see Richie Havens at the Aragon ballroom, the opening act was – you guessed it – that little ole band from Tejas – Mr. Z. Z. Top!

    Prolly not the answer you bes looking for but twue.

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