Apr 132011

Mike Love knows talent when he sees it. Wait ’til you hear this Altbach guy’s story and learn what early ’70s hits he wrote. And he’s classically trained. (Damn, I’ve got to finish up that Satanic Beach Boys piece!)

This Altbach cat’s also got jazz chops. Check out this next clip, in which he jams with a Townsman dbuskirk-worthy jazzbo, Charles Lloyd. Lloyd knows talent—and finely woven Navaho blankets to boot! Altbach, Mike Love, blankets, and more. Can you dig it?

Stick with this thing to the end; it’s well worth your time.


  25 Responses to “Critical Upgrade: Ron Altbach”

  1. bostonhistorian

    Why does everything that dude plays sound like a 1970s Dairy Queen commercial?

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    Wha…? Was that Al Jardine whangin’ on the tambourine at the end there?

  3. I guess that is Jardine, who later picks up a cowbell. Earlier in the clip Lloyd includes Mike Love in a list of fellow “weavers,” or whatever he’s going on about, so I assumed it was Love appearing with him once I saw that beard and the goofy movements. I guess Jardine was also a TM/Navaho blanket weaver type. He is the one Beach Boy most blatantly possessed by Satan on the cover of Pet Sounds.

  4. I just noticed the Navaho blanket draped over the piano. That must have done wonders for the sound.

  5. BigSteve

    You’ve got to admit that Altbach has a classic 70s Look.

  6. bostonhistorian

    Hey, the astral plane is quadrophonic.

  7. alexmagic

    Mod, that Al Jardine Pet Sounds cover comment makes me even more interested to read whatever it is you’ve been sitting on re: the Beach Boys as Knights In Satan’s Service. Don’t hold out on us.

    I would probably argue that Dennis is the most suspect one on the Pet Sounds cover, though. What is he recoiling from? Is he just having a freak out, or did they need to erase whatever animal he was feeding, perhaps a full on, satanic-sacrifice-ready goat?

  8. misterioso

    Yeah, for an algebra teacher.

  9. misterioso

    King Harvest! He was in King Harvest! Dancing in the Moonlight! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wfw-DRoCfxY

  10. misterioso

    Can some savant explain to me once and for all just what Al Jardine contributed to the mostly unpalatable farrago that was/is the Beach Boys?

  11. bostonhistorian

    “In August 2010, the Red Hot Chili Peppers began rehearsing for their upcoming studio album and are using Jardine’s home studio for their rehearsals.”

    I’m speechless.

  12. tonyola

    I’m not fooled for a minute. Mr. Mod is punishing us for daring to challenge him on his Smile-bashing yesterday. Our penance is to listen to “enlightened” pop-pap and snooze-jazz as well as blather about native Americans and their outdoor living rooms. “Lookit me. Aren’t I cool wearing this 100-year old blanket? It gives me positive energy and groovy vibes!” Well, Linus in Peanuts got peace from his blanket too. May Mr. Mod get the Clockwork Orange treatment and be forced to listen to “Do You Like Worms?” on endless loop.

    Charles Lloyd released a song called “TM” that got some airplay in 1972. Mike Love got the Beach Boys to provide vocal backing. I suppose one could call this an early attempt at “New Age” music.

  13. Right. I loved that song as a kid, but I’ve gone all these years without knowing even one band member’s name!

  14. If nothing else I think he was a Look Bridge between Mike Love and the Lesser Wilsons.

  15. Good call on “TM,” tonyola!

  16. BigSteve

    Al sang lead on Help me Rhonda.

  17. tonyola

    Dennis Wilson might have started out as the musically-inept pretty boy of the Beach Boys. However, he proved to be a quick learner and later on he became a capable musician in his own right despite his substance and lifestyle problems. Dennis released a very impressive record called Pacific Ocean Blue in 1977 – definitely worth hearing for any BB fan.

  18. misterioso

    Ok. Fair enough. Definitely a point for him.

  19. misterioso

    What a great term–Look Bridge!

  20. Thanks. It was inspired by and is related to alexmagic’s term, Rhythm Beard. I guess we’ve got some new RTH Glossary entries to develop.

  21. tonyola

    He also composed the occasional song, including this example from 1973’s Holland.

  22. I never heard that one. That’s pretty good, like the missing link between “California Girls” and “Kokomo.”

  23. It is my favorite solo album by any Beach Boy — Brian included.

  24. Thanks — this the best defense of Al I could have come up with too. Holland is the last good Beach Boys album in my book.

  25. tonyola

    I would agree with Holland being the last good one but there’s one big exception – The Beach Boys Love You (1977). This was supposed to be a Brian Wilson solo but it ended up under the BB name. Somewhat quirky and weird, but it’s definitely Brian’s show throughout.

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