Apr 122007

I LOVE science!


  6 Responses to “Did Someone Say “Biscuit”?”

  1. general slocum

    Brilliant, Sally! This was always my favorite feature on Mr. Rodgers. “We’re going to see how light bulbs are made!” I thought this was totally fake, especially seeing the two lunch ladies in the kitchen stacking records in the sink. And when they first start with the metal blanks, it looks like some guy in his dad’s basement workshop. I was already working in my mind on different entirely fallacious videos for all kinds of things. Oreo production, or How Socks Are Made, but just full of whatever you want to make up. Or, of course, How Spurious Production Shorts Are Made.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    Facsinating! I find myself wondering why geeky audiophiles haven’t started trading original acetates, since it seems to me they’d be a couple of generations closer to the source material than the finished product. Wouldn’t the layers of liver and nickel add noise to the original product — not to mention the vinyl stamping/replication process!

    Also, I enjoyed watching the cutters and trimmers in action. POWER!

  3. hrrundivbakshi

    Whoops — as much as I think I’d enjoy hearing a disc coated in liver, I of course meant “silver.”

  4. Mr. Moderator

    This is a great one, Sally. I bet a film on the making of a CD or the uploading of an mp3 wouldn’t be half as cool!

  5. Great! But I would actually like to see the “making of a CD” movie…oh look!


  6. My favourite part of the making of the CD one was how the graphic made it look foreign and all the dust particles, and the aussie talking with the sensitive pony-tail. It’s kind of scary making a CD/DVD with all that dust particle sucking. I much prefer the machinery making the vinyl. It’s so real and not so computer oriented. That guy pushing the button on the vinyl one looks like he could be flying a ship, beam him up! Or making a cart at a radio station. Whichever. Thanks for posting that Mr. Clean!:)

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