Oct 172011

My brother and I are playing an acoustic ALL-KINKS show this weekend to test the waters on an all-Kinks band. (No joke, it’s at LOLA Art Gallery!) Acoustik Kinks will just be acoustic guitar and vocals with a focus on the Face To Face through Lola era.

I plan to record the show and post on YouTube if it goes well. We already have a few drummers interested. Now will there be an audience for this (see my very short-lived Hendrix/SRV cover group)…who knows???

You are the crew that came up with (and most likley put the nail in the coffin of) Electric Stevieland, my Hendrix/SRV Tribute band in 2008 that played one great show and then forgot to book a second one…ever.

I had forgotten that there was a website for this band until I just “Bing-ed” myself (I need to reset my work computer back to Google):  http://stevierayhendrix.wordpress.com/music/

My favorite Kinks name so far is Art Lovers, but nobody will every know that we are a Kinks group with that name (and if they know the song they may keep their kids away).

I’d also like to find a name that is not being used already. Dave Davies‘ band is Kink’s Kronicles, there is a Kinda Kinks (and a Kinda Kinda Kinks) and a Kinky 2, etc.

There was a band called The Dedicated Followers, but they have been gone for a while, so that may be an option.

Our set list follows…after the jump!

All Day And All Of The Night
A Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
A Well Respected Man
I’m Not Like Everybody Else
She’s Got Everything
Situations Vacant
Got To Be Free
Dead End Street
Tired Of Waiting for You
Till The end Of the day
Where have all the good times gone
Waterloo Sunset
Johnny Thunder
Village Green Preservation Society
David Watts
You Really Got Me
Afternoon Tea
Well Respected Man
Do It Again
House In The Country
Sunny Afternoon
Picture Book
Muswell Hillbillies

Wer’re doing about 75% of this set this weekend.


  26 Responses to ““Do It Again”: Will RTH Name My New Kinks Tribute Band?”

  1. tonyola

    A few suggestions:

    1. Celluloid Heroes
    2. Wonderboys
    3. Apemen

  2. BigSteve

    It seems like Kinkdom is an album title that hasn’t been taken and it will be clear that it’s a Kinks tribute.

  3. How about A Well Reflected Man?

  4. misterioso


  5. Mindless Children of Motherhood

  6. I Well Respected Band?

  7. alexmagic

    Suggestions to use:
    -Preservation Act
    -The Great Lost Kinks Tribute

    Suggestions to not use:
    -This Band They Play Tonight
    -The Phenomenal Cats
    -The Big Fat Mamas
    -The World’s Most Physical Guys
    -Waterloo Sons
    -The World’s Most Passionate Guys
    -The Young And Innocent Daves (unless everyone in the band is named Dave, in which case move to the top list)
    -The World’s Most Masculine Men

  8. We need an edit function here…

    A Well Respected Band

  9. hrrundivbakshi

    The key to this exercise is to pick a song that only Kinks know-it-alls will have ever heard of. You need to get those guys on your side!

    I suggest (no puns or plays on words here, theses are actual song titles, from albums and singles that about 100 people in the world will have ever heard):

    The Contenders
    The Million-Pound Semi-Detached
    The Last Assembly
    Hay Fever
    Slum Kids
    Maximum Consumption
    God’s Children
    … and my number-one vote, which goes to…
    Mick Avory’s Underpants

  10. Happiness Stan

    David Watts and the Supersonic Rocket Ships

  11. I love “Slum Kids” and “Preservation Act”

  12. underthefloat

    In Minneapolis there is a band that plays now and then called Kinda Kinky (close to what you’ve said).

  13. I was just thinking of suggesting that name. BigSteve and I are TOTALLY in sync today!

  14. ~ Some Mothers’ Sons
    ~ The Phenomenal Cats
    ~ Berkeley Mews & The Plastic Men
    ~ Mick Avory’s Underpants

  15. Jeez, I didn’t even see that two of those were used, the first time I went down the lists….but mine is a positive vote for The Phenomenal Cats.

    ~ The Session Men
    ~ Big Sky
    ~ The Harry Rags (if the members are extremely secure types)

  16. plasticsun

    I too thought immediately of the Phenomenal Cats. If you don’t use it, I might be motivated to start another band. To add to the already used names, there was a San Francisco band I used to go see play called Walter (as in Do You Remember Walter). Shambolic but fun.

  17. mockcarr

    20th Century Men
    You Don’t Know Our Name

    Preservation Act is good.

  18. diskojoe

    Here’s my suggestions:

    1. Kinda Sorta Kinks
    2. The Hot Potatoes
    3. The Second-Hand Car Spivs
    4. Shepherds of the Nation

  19. cherguevara

    I just want to post this video:

    But I feel compelled to submit a name as well, so how about, “The Kink Spots?”

  20. I like that name! Great clip, to boot!

  21. misterioso

    Mick Avory’s Underpants is outstanding, BB! The possibilities are endless. “Have you checked out Mick Avory’s Underpants?” “Yeah, I’m way into Mick Avory’s Underpants.” Brilliant choice.

  22. jeangray

    What??? No “Yo-Yo” or “Property” or “Moving Pictures” on the set list?

  23. jeangray

    How are you doing the choir on “Johnny Thunder?”

    Man! This sounds like a fun show.

  24. machinery

    These are all too literal and “Crystal Ship” for me.

    How about The Winks.


  25. Yes, but HVB was struck by its brilliance before I got there, as I realized rereading the lists posted previous to mine.

  26. misterioso

    I see, you are right! Well, great minds, etc., etc.

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