Mar 192011

You know the drill: please provide your gut answers to the following questions. Today’s Dugout Chatter centers around topics likely to be commented on by musicians in interviews. Let your gut be your guide!

What musician quote first comes to mind for each of the following topics?

  • Sex
  • Drugs/Drink/Food
  • Fame/Fans
  • Politics
  • Critics
  • Elvis Presley or any other 1950s rocker

I look forward to your memories of memorable musicians’ quotes on these topics.


  7 Responses to “Dugout Chatter”

  1. shawnkilroy

    * Sex-Sex is natural, sex is good. Not everybody does it, but everybody should-George Michael

    * Drugs/Drink/Food-As long as I have Sex and Drugs, I could probably get on without the Rock and Roll-Viv Savage

    * Fame/Fans-Fame, I’m gonna live forever-Irene Cara

    * Politics-Music is the expression of emotion and Politics is the decoy of deception-MC 900 ft Jesus

    * Critics-? no one i admire even talks about them.

    * Elvis Presley or any other 1950s rocker-I don’t believe in Elvis-John Lennon

  2. The sex & drugs quote wasn’t from Viv, it was from future drum seat globule, Mick Shrimpton.

  3. Some of these quotes are not exact.

    Sex: still thinking

    Drugs/Drink/Food: Tom Waits on writing with Keith Richards: “Sometimes you finish the bottle but not the song, sometimes you finish the song but not the bottle.”

    Fame/Fans: Nancy Wilson on the difference between male groupies and female groupies: “Guy send you poems and flowers. Guys get very shy—they’re not as obvious about it. [Female groupies] are the worst pieces of flotsam and jetsam known to man.”

    Politics: still thinking

    Critics: “Critics prefer Elvis Costello to Van Halen because they look like Elvis Costello” David Lee Roth

    Elvis Presley or any other 1950s rocker: “Then, I saw Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show and it changed everything for me” Every single rocker of a certain age. Soon replaced by the phrase: “Then, I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and it changed everything for me”

  4. 2000 Man

    Sex: Keith Richards: We are not old men. We are not concerned with petty morals.

    Drugs/Drink/Food: Root Boy Slim:Havin’ a ball with cholesterol, listen people, fat don’t matter at all!

    Fame/Fans: Ben Nichols (of Lucero): I think we could handle being as big as Wilco. That would be great!

    Politics: Bob Dylan: I ain’t no Leftist!. The only reason I think of that is an asshat I know tries to make it sound like all the greats of Rock are conservatives, like him.

    Critics: Frank Zappa: Definition of rock journalism: People who can’t write, doing interviews with people who can’t think, in order to prepare articles for people who can’t read.

    I found this on the site I was grabbing that from so I could get it right, and it’s awesome:

    Christopher Hampton says asking a working musicians what he thinks about critics is like “asking a lamp-post what it thinks about dogs.”

    On Buddy Holly: Keith Richards, after covering a Buddy song in an outtake: Man, that Buddy could write ’em.

  5. shawnkilroy

    that means i need to watch it again.

  6. Never a bad thing!

  7. I’ll play, but my memory’s not very good regarding quotes.

    Sex: Nigel Tuffnel, I believe: “What’s wrong with being sexy?”

    Drugs/Drink/Food: Ronnie Van Zandt, who believed that a band should take the stage either hungry or stuffed, nothing in-between!

    Fame/Fans: I can’t remember exactly what he said, but I recall George Harrison having a good quote on the subject.

    Politics: Paul Simonon’s “Politics with a small p…” quote will be one of those stupid things that flash before my eyes as I am on my deathbed.

    Critics: It’s hard to beat David Lee Roth’s Elvis Costello quote.

    Elvis Presley or any other 1950s rocker: Chuck D’s “Elvis was a hero to most, but he never meant shit to me…” line from “Fight the Power” seems way off base, from what I’ve read, when it gets into accusations of him being racist, but this first part of that line – and the authority with which the whole verse is expressed – always sticks in my head.

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