Jul 092010

It may have been inevitable that the heavily favored Team England won the inaugural Rock Town Hall World Cup of Rock ‘n Roll over Team Jamaica – and there is less joy in Mudville than English fans had hoped – but congrats to England for its victory.

Congrats are also due to Jamaica and coach bostonhistorian for a masterful tournament run. It was interesting, throughout the tournament, to follow the exploits of “tournament-built” underdog teams like Jamaica and Sweden and contrast their approaches with some of the struggling deep-catalog nations, like USA and Canada. I think a lot will be learned as coaches look ahead to the 2014 RTH World Cup of Rock ‘n Roll, which will only allow currently active artists to enter play.

Thanks again to all who played along, as coaches, commentators, and whatnot. At this point I invite you to add your post-tournament analysis to the record!


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