Jun 132016



Hopefully this post will only be seen by contributing writers to Rock Town Hall. If the public at large, relatively speaking, sees this as well, so be it. As I’ve mentioned, in announcing the gradual wind down of Rock Town Hall, as we’ve come to know it and love it, The Back Office and I are seeking a way to “preserve” the work we’ve done for the benefit of future generations. As this place winds down and I try to get my head around where our powers may go next, I’ve also been thinking of ways to solidify the “characters” we’ve established through the years. I’d like to set up time with a number of you to talk over the phone or over e-mail to capture some of your thoughts – anything from final important rock stances you want to take…once and for all…to highlights you want to recap or dirt you want to dish on a fellow Townsperson. Let me know if you’d be up for a 15-minute call, and we can work it out through the summer. Thanks.


  14 Responses to “Exit Strategy: The Saturday Night Shut-In Chronicles”

  1. Testing, 1-2-3… Any of you longtime contributors, for whom this is meant, seeing this post? Thanks.

  2. I can see this and I can make some time with you. Hit me up off list.

  3. I’m getting the feeling this idea does not appeal to any of our vets – or you’re not seeing the post. I’m removing the “private” setting I had, so as not to jam up any non-contributors’ views. Who knows, maybe those who have not written pieces will call to hear your voice.

  4. BigSteve

    I don’t remember seeing this before, but I can see it now. If I can help, let me know.

  5. Mr. Mod, I’m interested! Given my general tongue-tiedness, I’m probably better off doing it over email, but I may be willing to give the phone a try.

  6. Count me in

  7. trigmogigmo

    Same here, I am just seeing this now for the first time. (Seems like it suddenly appeared under the two threads that had been around for a while.)

    Happy to be part of it. I am here reading and enjoying the threads all the time, but am ashamed that I rarely find time to form my thoughts in to something to add to the conversation.

  8. ladymisskirroyale

    I’m in, too.

  9. 2000 Man

    I just saw it, but if I could stop by as often as I wanted then you’d be keeping the place open! I’m in, too. Whatever you need.

  10. Shit! 🙂

    No, seriously, I’m psyched you’re interested. I’ll start setting up time this weekend. Thank you.

  11. Count me in if this hasn’t already happened.

  12. Haven’t yet started! Thanks.

  13. misterioso

    I was away for a couple of weeks but if this hasn’t yet occurred, count me in. Last man standing! Wait, oops…

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