Oct 302009

Top left: Sting 1; Top right: Sting 2; Middle: Sting 3; Bottom left: Sting 4; Bottom right: Tantric lute player.

Courtesy of Townsman bobbybittman, we ask the question, With which Sting would you most like to engage in tantric sex?

Make your answer count in today’s poll! Feel free to provide your rationale, citing a key passage or two, in the Comments section for this thread.


  10 Responses to “Rock Town Hall Featured Poll: With which Sting would you most like to engage in tantric sex?

  1. Maybe the plural of Sting is Sting and not Stings. Like Plate of shrimp. Look at the 4 Sting. He’s probably important enough to have a grammitcal rule written about him.

  2. mockcarr

    I’m not voting until anaphylactic shock is a choice after all that stinging.

  3. holy god! was that awful!!!
    why would Jason Schwartzman ever agree to play on such a crappy Sting song?!?

  4. Methinks me bum would rather have the lute in it than Sting, or vice versa.


  5. It would scarcely matter to the assembled Stingii, as they would no doubt be too deep into pleasuring each other with their tantric ego-sex magick, to entertain thoughts of another entity disturbing their carefully balanced flow of Sting-chi. I doubt even Trudy would be welcomed.

  6. I’ll take my chances with one or all of the candles. I’ve finally discovered something more effective than sticking my finger down my throat. This video. Tell me it’s all a Halloween prank.

  7. I was listening to Zenyatta Mondatta the other day. Man, there is a lot of filler on that album, to the point that I started wondering if it was the “Worst Good Album” that I own, which is to say, I would say it’s a good album despite the stinky stinker nature of “The other way of stopping” and “behind my camel.”

    Actually, Sting might’ve been a good one for the WTF thread.

  8. I’m pretty impressed with the performance of Sting II. He makes the song his own. But, I’m so sick of Sting I. He seems so self-satisfied and clearly enjoying that he’s getting the most camera time. The way he plays to the camera is just annoying.

    Sting III is clearly just trying to keep the peace between Sting I and Sting II. Typical middle child syndrome.

    Sting IV just can’t wait to get out there. He’s really just mailing it in. It won’t be long until Sting IV goes solo.

    It would not surprise me to see Sting IV and II get together for a duo sometime, but I don’t see Sting I mending the rift with his supporting Sting anytime soon.

  9. I like all those stupid songs on Zenyatta!

  10. Mr. Moderator

    I’m listening to Sting on NPR with Scott Simon right now. He’s talking about his new album of winter-themed songs. Simon read an e-mail from a listener, thanking him for some song that the guy’s daughter just sang as part of her school choir. Sting’s response was priceless: “Thank you,” he said to this nameless e-mail writer, “that’s nourishing.”

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