Oct 212011

We all had a good laugh on May 21, 2011, when the long-promised Apocalypse did not happen. However, if you weren’t paying attention, that day was only the beginning of the end. The actual end of the world as we know it is due for today, October 21. (Now the timing of REM’s break-up is making sense…)

[NOTE: The following video is NSFW, but after Saturday, will it matter?]

Well, I’m here to tell you that Friend of the Hall Andy Shernoff did not let our temporary sense of relief on May 22nd cloud his mission to keep the world abreast of its impending doom. If you’re over 18 (or at least say you are), you can view his video for his smash hit “Are You Ready to Rapture?” here.

Finally, as we await tomorrow’s likely canceled broadcast of Saturday Night Shut-In, broadcast “LIVE” from San Francisco, you may want to revisit our May 21st episode, one of your Moderator’s personal faves.


  3 Responses to “Friend of the Hall Andy Shernoff Has Not Forgotten the Day to End All Days!”

  1. tonyola

    You must be on a different calendar than the rest of us because today (Friday) is the 21st, not Saturday. As for the Rapture, I have no worries because as everyone here on RTH knows, I am an absolute saint just brimming with holy-endowed restraint and wisdom.

  2. Yes, I’m all confused about dates and the like in the best of cases. I’ve corrected the original post. This West Coast living has me really scrambled. Let’s hope we get to live long enough to hear tomorrow night’s Saturday Night Shut-In. If this Apocalypse falls through I think it will send out some really groovy vibes for my Peace Warriors.

  3. trigmogigmo

    I’m now wondering whether you had a hand in the two modest little earthquakes we had yesterday….

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