Dec 032014

What better way to put a hectic day at the office to bed?


  3 Responses to “German Hippies: The Most Dangerous Hippies on Earth?”

  1. Nice clip. Enjoyed the music but I’m thinking 2 1/2 minutes is a good length of time to listen to Amon Duul. Although I am thinking I want to get their album Phallus Dei for the title.

    Anyone ever buy an album for the title alone? My favorite in that regard is Yes We Have No Mananas So Get Your Mananas Today by Kevin Ayers. As an big fan of Ayers I would have bought that regardless of the title but I think I’d want it anyway.

  2. 2000 Man

    Wow, they got 30 minutes of pointless jamming squeezed into only 2 1/2 minutes? Somehow, I still feel thirty minutes older.

  3. That’s German efficiency for you. They even have a word for it: Färfumgroovin

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