May 062011

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You thought we forgot, didn’t you? Rock ‘n roll never forgets. It’s the Seeg’s birthday today. He’s a year older than he was last year. He’s better than ever. On every level. Happy birthday, Bob! Following is a little treat from Wayne Cochran.

You may enjoy the following Seger tour stories, here. What’s your favorite Seger moment?


  7 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Bob Seger!”

  1. “All of Chuck’s children are out there playin’ his licks!” Happy Birthday, Bob.


  2. BigSteve

    Wow I’ve never seen Wayne Cochran play guitar. For those that don’t know, this is what Wayne’s show looked like in the 60s:

    So the pompadour in this clip Mod posted is way scaled back, magnificent as it is. His show has been a music ministry for years (I think the show we’re watching is a religious one), and I didn’t realize he ever played straight rock after his conversion.

    Btw dig this photo:

  3. tonyola

    In honor of Bob Seger’s birthday, I offer up a little single that Bob released in 1966 called “The Ballad of the Yellow Berets”. It apparently upset SSgt. Barry Sadler (singer and author of “The Ballad of the Green Berets”) enough that he sent Bob a cease and desist letter.

  4. That’s an amazing photo, BigSteve. I’d never seen Wayne Cochran until stumbling across this video. His 50-some-year-old hair is AMAZING! I may be able to get my hair to do that now and, possibly, when I’m in my 50s. I think I will follow his lead.

  5. Great hair! And that clip from the Jackie Gleason show contains some spectacular maching of the shau.

    The only time I’ve ever heard or seen WC before was in the movie CC and Company in which Joe Namath plays a biker so bad ass that the opening sequence of the movie shows him making a sandwich in a supermarket and eating it WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT! Wayne’s big scene is here:

    According to wikipedia, he is now a preacher in Florida

  6. BigSteve

    Elvis’ lupine beard is very Bryan Ferry, no?

  7. hrrundivbakshi

    He must have been filming “Charro!” when that shot was taken.

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