Jul 152009

It’s Townsman HVB’s birthday, and I’d like to celebrate Rock Town Hall’s resident Master of Fun & Games, Seeker of Thrifty Music, Disciple of the Holy Trinity of Rock, Keeper of the Mach Schau, and all-around great guy (and I do mean great), with a few video treats. I’ll roll a few out through the course of the day. I’m starting out with a clip that speaks to your spiritual nature, and then, after the jump, dig into something that I hope speaks to your sense of showmanship.

I was searching through some videos from Philly clubs of my youth, and I stumbled across this clip from a band called The Fad, which slightly predated my entry, as it was, on the Philly scene. I quickly thought of you, Hrrundi, and what you’d make of this band’s sense of mach schau.

More later!


  One Response to “Happy Birthday, Townsman Hrrundivbakshi!”

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    Thanks, Moddie!

    I can’t wait to see what the remainder of the day will bring!

    That Fad clip was an especially nice surprise. Seriously.

    Your pal in rock,


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