Jul 012009

Here’s your chance, Rock Town Hall, to champion a totally obscure artist with a degree of hipster pedigree: Cruella De Ville and their Roy Wood-produced single “I’ll Do the Talking.”

No one’s asking you to really have to like this song, but like a true barrel-scraping hipster, you need to make a case for why its an overlooked gem of epic proportions. What modern-day bands have been heavily influenced by this band – or will say they have been after reading your testimony? I mean, see if you can spin this as the greatest obscuro find, like, EVER, or at least until next Tuesday, whichever comes first.

In case you need a little more evidence of the band’s genius, check out this next clip:


  6 Responses to “Hipper Than Thou: Be the First to Champion an Obscure Artist”

  1. Wow, that second one left me speechless. \

    I would say that they are still light-years ahead of their time. I’m certainly not ready to appreciate them yet.

  2. BigSteve

    These videos are so bad they’re messing up the site. It won’t load properly.

    Given how fanatical Disney is about intellectual property issues, I’m surprised they haven’t issued a cease and desist order on these videos. I wish they had.

  3. alexmagic

    I was only able to watch the first clip for a number of reasons (technical, spiritual), but what did ELO ever do to you to deserve getting tagged here, Mod?

    I may need to take a long walk during my lunch hour to approach this topic in the manner requested, but I’ll try.

    In the meantime, the first clip made me go back and take another look at the Roy Wood’s Boulders topic that was on RTH in my lurking days…how did you all get through a discussion of that album without talking about the truly weird, even by Boulders-standards, “Miss Clarke And The Computer”?

  4. Mr. Moderator

    Rather than have separate tags for Roy Wood and The Move, I just lump them all under the ELO tag. I will congratulate myself, however, for the great restraint I showed in not automatically tagging Prince and ZZ Top (aka, Hrrundi’s Holy Trinity of Rock) as well.

  5. Mr. Moderator

    I didn’t realize the second video wasn’t working. Sorry about that. I’ve replaced it with another version of that video that had to be made when the first one was BANNED for showing a bonfire. No joke!

  6. 2000 Man

    Man…that second one…the first was bad, but the second one…

    When you write that song, how do you seriously take it to the band and not get laughed out of the room?

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