Nov 022013

I’ve been listening to the David Bowie channel on Sirius/XM radio and it is flat out fantastic. Crazy old stuff, the hits, and covers by others. It’s great to have someone else curate one of your heroes, so to speak.

What’s great about Bowie is that everyone has a favorite album — and you can say — “well I can see that.” Mine is Lodger, only because I was a teenager when it came out and it didn’t get played on the radio — so it’s mine.

So, what is your favorite Bowie album . . . and why?


  12 Responses to “How Great Is David Bowie?”

  1. 2000 Man

    My favorite Bowie album tends to be the one I’m currently infatuated with. Right now that’s been The Man Who Sold the World. Right before that it was Santa Monica 72. He was such a big part of my musical world growing up, that I just never seemed to decide on one to like the best. I haven’t listened to Hunky Dory in a long time, maybe I’ll make that my next Bowie obsession (it wouldn’t be the first time!).

  2. It is hard to pick a favorite — I was listening to Heroes and Diamond Dogs quite a bit this summer. As I write this they’re playing a Marti Jones cover of Soul Love that I haven’t heard in years.

  3. cherguevara

    I usually say that Hunky Dory is my favorite, but I’m deluding myself. The album I listen to the most is David Live – it is a bit overly long and it falls apart (for me) on the second disc – but the band is killing it, amazingly tight, his voice is amazing and there are so many great tunes. You really feel the energy of the show coming through the speakers, it’s overall just an exciting listen. Is it a cop out to choose a live album?

  4. HAd no idea they had a Bowie channel. What is it on XM?

    My local library had THE NEXT DAY and I checked it out on Friday and was very impressed. I need to buy it for my collection (or just never return the one I checked out, will they come after me?)

    My favorite Bowie is Ziggy Stardust (obvious, but true)

  5. Hunky Dory, because it’s the one album where Bowie allowed himself to be human.

  6. 2000 Man

    With a lot of artists I’d think picking a live album is kind of the Rock Snob’s cop out, but not with Bowie. David Live is one of my favorites, too. The songs are often so different than their studio counterparts. I remember people hearing the backup singers doing the “la la la’s” on Rebel Rebel and just hating it. I thought it was cool (still do). Whenever I hear that version of Cracked Actor I can’t help but remember the look on a certain girl’s face when we were driving around and I picked out the tape to play, and my friend just happened to get Cracked Actor right off the bat. I think it’s a really good album.

  7. Tough call – I love Hunky Dory, but side 1 of Low is stunning. If you fancy a spin on Bowie – check out the Bowie show we made a couple of months back. Rarities, outtakes – Bowie covers by ex members of The Damned, and Adam’s Ants. Live covers by Dave Woodcock..

    And it’s Bowie endorsed! He shouted the show on his Twitter and FB pages…

  8. BigSteve

    “Heroes” was the first Bowie album I really got into, and it remains my favorite. The Next Day is really good, better than I think anyone expected. It’s definitely going to be one of my albums of the year. Have you seen the video for the new James Murphy remix of Love Is Lost?

    According to Pitchfork it was “shot on a budget of about $13 (the cost of a USB stick). It features a couple of puppets from Bowie’s collection and was shot and edited in Bowie’s New York office.”

  9. 111 on XM for a limited time.

  10. diskojoe

    My favorite Bowie album is Alladin Sane w/Hunky Dory almost right behind it. I also have fond memories of listening to Lodger in the listening sessions that I had w/a high school friend when it came out.

  11. misterioso

    Hunky Dory was the first one that totally captured me–for some reason even more than Ziggy Stardust. I still think it is an amazing record. Station To Station looms really large for me, too, though. And I agree that The Next Day is really solid, it took a few listens for me but I think it is a strong record.

  12. underthefloat

    While I think Ziggy is likely his true best album….like many of you Hunky Dory is my fav. I think it has an off kilter charm to it that rarely works. It does here. Plus, mostly packed with great songs.
    I also think Side one of Low is right there with his best ever.

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