Oct 052021

There’s a part of me that’s somewhat saddened by the discovery of this footage, which provides incontrovertible proof that ZZ Top’s Worldwide Texas Tour was, in fact, a very real thing.


  3 Responses to “I Got Yer Worldwide Texas Tour Right Here”

  1. BigSteve

    Easily faked. That video looks as ‘real’ as the moon landing.

  2. I never doubted that there was a tour called the World Wide Texas Tour. However I still have yet to see footage where they simply pan over from the band to the “livestock onstage”. If I was part of a show like that, I would make sure that it was filmed very clearly, and I would show it to everyone, including complete strangers just walking down the street.

    I can’t believe they got to you.

  3. Yeah, I’m not buying it. I’m still not buying the belief many people hold that their music is good. I’m calling Double Hoax on those bad boys!

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