Jun 132021

Hey, gang — I need some help with some Stones lyrics. I cued up a bunch of trackssss from across their career — nothing too obscure — and wrote down what I heard, starting right at the top of each tune. But Mick was pretty much incomprehensible, so I stopped transcribing before I hit the choruses. Which was pretty stupid, because now I don’t remember which songs these are. Can you help ID the tunes? Once I get the song names, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to figure out what the heck Mick is yelling about. Thanks.


Yeah, once papa cold when I was crazy spade

Gear New York’s lanky legs

I saved my money, I took a plane

Ever I go seems the same


I’m a little bit clean of mulcher

All my friends are cultures, snot feelers too


When your walrus is rough

Satan’s glove

I been browned in your love

You got a front door blue, yeah

I’m from the same one that you, yeah

Oh, I mock the helm mop blues


Break me five, big me down, me runny, know my way around (assy Choo cha!)

Pig me pile, ping me dan, beat me run-in, beat me on the ground


No git, can’t sleep, wing up, no sleep, sky diver insider, slip brooch, sky dang

Moon bed lover, got no time on feen

One less sucker bare freak on the soul scene

Oh, for bid nay oh, git stand


Made me think of Percy

All the kind of worsen

Make me fer the cattle on thang

Baby, Baby

Doe these the jews in a frown


Reb troll up the cold town bully

Come on bend my hand

Riff so yo you braille buddy

Briss so muss so pram

Bray buss every lane granny you and stay

But I lost a lot of girl over you


  21 Responses to “I Need Some Help With These Stones Lyrics”

  1. 2. Monkey Man

    6. Tumblin Dice

  2. 5. Sky Diver is the key. That must be Casino Boogie from Exile. You could have strapped me to the Marathon Man chair and I wouldn’t have been able to give you that song title without looking it up. And I love Exile.

  3. hrrundivbakshi

    cdm and Chick — you are both correct! Now have some fun; cue up those trackssss and sing along with my lyric sheet. You’ll find it’s quite accurate!

  4. 1. is Street Fighting Man, yes?

  5. 7. Turd On the Run?

  6. Meanwhile, what is more misogynistic? For me to be singing along with the lyrics, or to be completely distracted by the 3-D house of body paint knockers in the video?

  7. hrrundivbakshi

    (Spoken in best Alex Trebek Canadian): Oooh, Oats, no, I’m sorry. “Street Fighting Man” is incorrect.

  8. hrrundivbakshi

    cdm, you are CORRECT on number seven!

  9. hrrundivbakshi

    Why is it misogynistic to be doing either of those things?

  10. You’re right, it isn’t. Back to the video!

  11. Robert Fripp sings! Those silly performances those two have been posting help make up the sliver of a silver lining that COVID-19 has brought about.

    As for this game, I choose to not decipher the real songs. In some cases, the misheard lyrics are better than the originals.

  12. hrrundivbakshi

    I for one am very fond of the exclamation “Assy choo Cha!” — which is exactly what Mick shout-whispers in number four above. I think I’ll take to using it, too. Assy choo cha!

  13. hrrundivbakshi

    … and I prefer my interpretation of the lyrics to track three, as well.

  14. 2000 Man

    1 is When the Whip Comes Down.
    2 is Monkey Man.
    3 is Soul Survivor.
    4 is Fingerprint File.
    5 is Casino Boogie.
    6 is Tumblin’ Dice.
    7 is Turd on the Run.

    Maybe I’ll play Exile tonight!

  15. hrrundivbakshi

    I had to wait for 2KMan to chime in before posting clues. You can see why. You are CORRECT on all counts! Interesting to me how much hate we been feelin’ for Mick’s blackface routine, while still adoring Exile, which — my prep work for this silly game confirms it — is the blackfacey-est album in their canon. It’s almost comical how thick he rubs the burnt cork on, but — well, we still love Exile. Don’t we?

  16. hrrundivbakshi

    Assy choo-cha!

  17. 2000 Man

    Of course we still like Exile. It’s the greatest thing that ever happened!

  18. cherguevara

    Been a lot of Stones discussion here lately, even for RTH! I thought I’d call your attention to this thread and particularly one post I found interesting, it begins here:

    “So…thirty-eight (!) years later what do we think of the Stones’ “Undercover of the Night” as political statement, sound, demonstration of Jagger’s contempt for vowel sounds, etc.”

    I hadn’t listened to the song in eons, it was better than I gave them credit for at the time, and I now recognize a large number of studio tricks that provide much of the ear candy in the tune. But it was this post that made me think:

    “Probably my favorite Stones single. Crazy to think it was 83 since it basically laid out the template for INXS to become huge stars with around the time of “Listen Like Thieves” and “Kick” a couple years later.”

    I never would have come up with this myself, but damn if it doesn’t seem spot-on.

  19. WOW, “Undercover of the Night” IS the template for INXS! Amazing call!

    Now, I think I need to find some time to compare the “Undercover of the Night” video to a number of images The Clash was sending out in their final years. Which band was more practiced in guerilla warfare?

  20. BigSteve

    Mick also did a west Indian variation on the blackface routine. Sweet Black Angel and Luxury are good examples. He’s generally more understandable when he does this, partly because he uses ‘primitive’ English. It’s totally unconscionable, but I still love those songs. “Make a million for de Texans, twenty dollar me.”

  21. Quick off-topic observation: I heard a Pearl Jam song in the car this weekend and have decided that Eddie Vedder has the single most indecipherable singing voice in rock. He’s just a braying donkey of vowel sounds.

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