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We here in the Halls of Rock Town are sometimes taken to task for being overly negative, snarky, hyper-critical, and all too often, just downright rude. As part of our collective efforts to bring a bit of sunshine and light to the world wide web, we occasionally make an extra effort effort to find something good to say about, you know, stuff that is clearly godawful.

It is in that spirit that we embark on yet another effort to bring some positivity to our proceedings. Please spend some quality time with the video above, then—if you can—please find something nice to say about it. You’ll feel a whole lot better, I promise you.

I look forward to your comments. Just remember, if you can’t say anything nice about this video… please don’t say anything at all.


  8 Responses to “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice About…Charlie Dore”

  1. mockcarr

    The drummer looked like a lot of fellows I went to high school with, wait, I’m not sure if that’s a nice thing to say…

    OK, how’s this, she worked with Eric Idle and George Harrison. That’s pretty good.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    Hey, that’s not particularly awful at all! What’s gotten into you, Moddie?

  3. True, if I simply close my eyes it’s catchy in a cheesy way that anyone of our generation knows too well. I think it’s the musical gear and fashions that set off my impulse to play nice.

    How about this: I like how each guy in the band finds a distinct way of dressing like the guy in J. Geils Band whose name no one can ever remember.

  4. cherguevara

    Seems okay to me, a bit corny but as hrrundivbakshi notes, not awful. Sounds like she likes the same Joni Mitchell albums that I like. Maybe she’s the female counterpoint to Al Stewart.

  5. trigmogigmo

    I agree, this clip is just not up to the normal standards of cringeworthiness of the usual “If you can’t say…” items. Where’s a rock fusion all-star guitar combo live in Japan when you need one?

    (There, I suppose that’s saying something nice about the clip.) I noticed the Joni Mitchell vocal sound early in the song.

  6. ladymisskirroyale

    I just want to thank you for unearthing this nugget from my brain where it had long been buried (for a reason). I’ll put it on a mix, right after Starland Vocal Band’s “Afternoon Delight.”

  7. misterioso

    Well, I will say that I have fond memories of when this song was popular–or at least when I think it was popular. Summer of ’79? I think of it being on the radio a lot at the same time as “Gold” by John Stewart and “We Are Family” by Sisters Sledge. Go Pirates! So, not great song, but fond memories. As you were.

  8. You mean The Ace on Bass, Danny Klein?

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