Aug 282012

Probably Not a Good Idea?

As the music at baseball games has become louder and louder, more attention gets paid to the walk up music of the batters, and whatever you call it when the relief pitch comes into the game.

I was at a Nationals-Braves games last week and it seems there has been a late season shift in some of the walk up music. Jayson Werth now has Led Zep’s “Dazed and Confused” rolling as he leads off the game. Adam LaRoche is using the old favorite of Adam Dunn, Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” Michael Morse continues to walk up to A-ha’s “Take On Me,” which many in the crowd keep singing after it quits — ugh!

What really caught my attention this time? It was my first time seeing Kurt Suzuki play in person, so I was interested that he walks up to an assortment of Bob Marley tunes. I started to think that Suzuki could be taking a chance with the front office by using these selections — (ie, a general association with the “Divine Herb”). The Nats don’t seem to care, but . . . what rock tracks do you think might get a ballplayer in hot water if used as walk up music?


  25 Responses to “Inappropriate Walk-up Music?”

  1. Safe to say that N.W.A.’s “Fuck Tha Police” would not go over too well most places. Except maybe in Oakland.

    Has anyone ever used “I Can’t Drive 55”? That’s another tune promoting illegal behavior.

  2. I think the DK’s “Too Drunk To Fuck” may have been used by the Braves for a short time….

  3. Sorry, I meant the GIANTS! (What the *&#$ do I care about baseball? Not much, would be the answer..)

  4. …obviously.

  5. Any player who uses a candy-ass ’80s song has got some ‘splainin’ to do. I loved Ryan Madson when he pitched for the Phillies, but his use of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” when he entered from the bullpen to close out a game was a major soft-on.

    Some player a year or two ago did have a walk-up song that the PA crew let play too long one time, and it got into some foul language. I can’t remember who that was.

    I bet a song with strong political content would get shot down, like the Steve Earle song about the “American Taliban” guy.

  6. That is great! If true — wonder if was a player request or a hipster music guy running songs between innings.

    I remember — in the 90s — at Camden Yards, some between innings guy would play a Lemonheads druggy song that I loved and thought — wow — they don’t know what this is about.

  7. For Steve Earle — a good walk up song would be “The Revolution Starts Now” Some NBA network producer used it when it first came out in a highlight reel. I thought . . . this kind of like the misreading of Born In The USA.

  8. BigSteve

    I think somebody should branch out and use music that shows his softer side. How about some Indigo Girls?

    I’m always amazed when these guys use music from my generation. One of the Royals’ young guns, Mike Moustakas, uses Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile for his walk-up music. Hendrix died 18 years before the guy was even born. I love Jimi, but how does that even happen?

  9. “Any player who uses a candy-ass ’80s song has got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

    True that, but I’d still soil myself if any of the players named in the Mitchell Report had ordered up “I Want A New Drug” for their music


  10. I remember the White Sox playing Whitesnake during Chuck Finley’s warm-up after Tawny Kitaen beat him up. Believe that caused a brouhaha


  11. I think Bob Marley’s “You can get it if you really want” would be a rather encouraging sports song of most any sport. I think the opposite song would be the Stones. “You can’t always get what you want. Of course I can’ imagine the 2nd song at any athletic event. Side note. I am a super Led Zep fan. I never realized they dd a song titled “Dazed and Confused. Kind of reminds of someone getting lost looking for a Days Inn. Dazed and confused Inn.

  12. Daryl Strawberry, “White Lines.”


  13. Fred Patek, “Short People.”


  14. Jimmy Cliff wrote/sang “You Can Get It If You Really Want”. Desmond Dekker and Stiff Little Fingers did versions of it, but I don’t think Bob ever recorded it.

  15. Josh Hamilton, “I Drink Alone,” “Heroin,” “Cold Turkey.”


  16. mockcarr

    I keep waiting for Ryan Zimmerman to have a Dylan walkup song. Of course, being “the Man” on the team “I Shall Be Released” would fit the question.

  17. alexmagic

    On the other hand, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” would be tremendous for a closer. Especially if you made them play the whole song before you came through the bullpen doors. And doubly if you made them have an actual children’s choir on hand to sing along with it.

  18. I wonder if anyone uses a couple of obvious ones like a centerfielder playing Fogerty’s “Centerfield”. Or Brown Eyed Handsome Man that has the verse about baseball. To Big Steve’s point, it would be unlikely for a player to pick a song that old.

  19. Imagine how bad a song choice that would be! I Shall Be Released, and then the team releases him. A player could go with Pearl Jam’s “Release Me” if he was hoping to be released.

  20. cliff sovinsanity

    Here’s probably the last song a player wants to hear as they walk up to bat.

  21. I hate ALL walk-up music equally. I think it’s stupid and annoying.

    Why is this necessary, in any way?

    I went to a Phillies game early in 2011. They lost, it was freezing cold – but the seats were good.

    However, I was annoyed by what baseball has become. Blasting loud walk up music! Flashing lights everywhere! Video, video, video! Bells and whistles!

    I walked out of the stadium feeling like I had been assaulted. Seriously, do we need the constant barrage?

  22. misterioso

    At the risk of joining you in the crabby old guy section of the bleachers, I totally agree. Fortunately (?) I cannot afford to go to Red Sox games anymore anyway, not that I would want to go this year, and not that I much want to go anyway since the seats are all made for dwarfs and I am tall. I’m okay with watching it on tv at home, where I can complain about how they’ve ruined baseball on tv with all the stupid graphics and annoying commercials. Why, back in my day…

  23. I agree too about the loud music snippets but if you think it’s overdone at baseball, I would strongly encourage you to avoid going to any hockey games. The flashing lights and faux heavy metal music at the Flyers games redefine the phrase “totally awesome to the max!”, and makes it seem like the Phillies hired the same person who stages the WHYY fund drive to do their lighting and music.

  24. misterioso

    This is why I thank God for creating high-def tv and the mute button.

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