Dec 222014

As a stubborn, contrarian, authority-resisting teenager it was a joy to find The Clash and Joe Strummer, in particular, who immediately commanded my attention, respect, and, I’ll admit, idolatry. It was comforting to feel commanded. In my imagination, he was my rock ‘n roll big brother: pushing me, patting me on the back, whispering in my ear. He died this day in 2002. I truly regret never getting to sit down with him, but in some ways I felt like I did numerous times.


  One Response to “Joe Strummer and the Comforts of Commandment”

  1. Suburban kid

    I was the same as a Creem-reading teenager. Actually had a chance to “sit down with him” but was too freaked out to do more than ask for his autograph. Very friendly and approachable. We followed them after the show to another venue where they went to catch Gregory Isaacs (?) or some similar Jamaican act. We pretended to be part of the entourage as they were escorted in free. My outgoing friend who was not a huge fan sat and talked with him for ages. I attempted to engage Mick Jones in conversation but he was intent on sulking by himself away from the party. Definitely regret not being more pushy that night, and still sad he’s gone.

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