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Jul 132008

Here at Rock Town Hall we often make claims for a record or artist or album cover or concert or producer or what have you as being GREAT [caps and italics for emphasis]! But what do we mean by this term? We nod our heads or disagree vehemently, as if we understand what it means, but until this RTH Glossary entry, suggested by Townsman Mwall, I’m not sure that we’ve ever been able to reach agreement on what the designation GREAT means. Listen to this Lou guy, in the following clip. I think his recounting of a GREAT concert he attended – and the telling of his experiences – clearly illustrate once and for all what’s meant when any of us proclaim something in the world of rock as GREAT!


  3 Responses to “GREAT!

  1. I’ve had friends from the east coast here this weekend, and we’ve been laughing about this clip for several days now. I’m glad to see it enter the Glossary.

  2. BigSteve

    We’ve probably all heard/seen musical performances that left us speechless. At first I expected more from someone working in radio, because you would think it’s his job to be a bit more articulate, especially about a musical event he had participated in. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that in this case being at a loss for words was just great. I mean, the way he tries to say something about what it was like but can’t is so great. The whole thing is GREAT!. And how Don Imus tries to get a little more detail out of him, fails, but accepts that failure is equally great. Just everything about the whole clip was GREAT!

  3. mikeydread

    What’s with the hat? That’s a gag in itself…

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