Nov 042013

Lou’s no longer with us in body, but that doesn’t mean his true artistic intents cannot continue to be illuminated.

The 1983 movie Get Crazy, featuring our hero, was a flop. You know why? Because the director left 83 minutes of Lou-free footage in the final cut! Someone cut the movie down to the 9 minutes featuring Lou. Check it out and tell me this shouldn’t be reissued as the Director’s Cut, If Lou Reed Had Been Allowed to Direct the Movie.

Thanks for cherguevarra for passing along this find!


  One Response to “Lou Reed…As Get Crazy Was Meant to Be Seen!”

  1. It’s kind of surprising that Lou was willing to play a cheesy Dylan knockoff. Note the “Bringing It All Back Home” first scene and the whole reclusive artist bit. It almost could convince one that Lou did have a sense of humor. Naaaah.

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