Nov 162011

Lou's Cans

Ever wondered what it really sounded like to hear Lou Reed‘s music the way it was meant to be sound? Now you can. Reed and audio manufacturer Klipsch have collaborated on the limited-edition Klipsch Signature Audio Edition Lou Reed X10i headphones, available next month. These headphones will enable listeners to hear Lou’s music as it was meant to sound, as only he can hear it!

With an unwavering passion for live music and a legacy of iconoclastic sound that’s influenced rock musicians around the globe, The Velvet Underground star knew Klipsch was the only brand that aligned with his vision and expectations for a headphone he would be proud to call his own.

The timing of the release of these limited-edition, “Louphones” coincides with the release of Lulu, Reed’s long-awaited, inevitable collaboration with Metallica, the band Reed was meant to collaborate with. “If you’re not listening to Lulu on my cans,” says Reed, “you might as well skip this album altogether and wait for my next one, which should really capture the way my music was meant to sound.”

Reporting on this story was provided by bostonhistorian.


  11 Responses to “Lou Reed…As His Music Was Meant to Sound”

  1. tonyola

    Oh wonderful – Lou-approved headphones. That means for all your music you’ll hear wavering pitch, weak singing, drug-fogged sound quality, and vocals that have nothing in relation with the backing tracks.

  2. Are you lacking in ears, tonyola, like some character from a sci-fi movie? How can you mock the true sounds that, until now, only Lou could fully hear? If you wear these things next time you listen to Metal Machine Music I bet the next day you’ll be whistling the romantic melodies that Lou’s been telling us are part of the mix all along!

  3. tonyola

    I haven’t taken enough speed and smack in my lifetime to hear the sounds that only Lou can perceive. It’s a little late to start now.

  4. Did you notice that the first 50 folks that spring for $399 to get a set of these headphones, receive a free copy of Lulu signed by Lou himself? A bargain at twice the price!

  5. trigmogigmo

    Lou’s in good company. I’m sure these are also “premium technology that is light years ahead of the pack” like the Justin Bieber product.

    “Beats Audio” speakers in your HP laptop and HTC phone, what amazing technology! Are they fooling anyone? Well, good for Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, apparently they sold this brand logo for $300 million. The Monster Cable guy would be proud.

  6. I’m sure it’s nothing but a coincidence, but Lulu has already dropped out of the Billboard Top 200, a week after its release.

  7. But the Montreal Gazette gave the album 5 stars! To wit…

    “If they somehow pulled off a perfect fusion of two very different esthetics, their album probably wouldn’t be as entertaining as it is. It’s tempting to describe Lulu as a train wreck, but it’s more like a three-headed goat: an abomination that laughs at the laws of nature, but defies you to turn away.”

    Perhaps the reviewer listened to the CD on the Lou Reed X10i headphones and heard the music as Lou meant it to sound.

  8. I also enjoyed this take on the album. Lotsa great Lou quotes here!

  9. Happiness Stan

    Now, now people, it is very easy to mock. Having already heard a track from Lulu, I’d be as happy to listen to the rest through these babies

  10. I love this quote attributed to Lou in the press release:

    “I have been a fan of Klipsch products for eons,” said Reed. “I’ve always admired the unhyped bass, along with the clarity, depth of detail and extraordinary comfort of the company’s headphones. With Klipsch’s help, my dream headphone will soon be available to all of my fans – a serious model for the serious listener.”

  11. Purple and Gold — who knew Lou was a Minnesota Vikings fan. Perfect for gameday!

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