Nov 182010

Hey, gang!

What’s the most boring, frustrating video game in the world? Lou Reed knows!

What if someone made a game that required players to drive from Tucson, AZ to Las Vegas, NV in a bus? What if they had to make the 400 mile, 8 hour journey in real time, and what if the bus really, really needed an alignment—so you couldn’t just hold down the accelerator pedal with a piece of tape while you went to sleep?

And what if your reward for all of this arduous, tedious work was exactly one point? What the hell kind of game would that be? And why the hell would anyone play it?

Such a “game” does in fact exist. It’s a sub-chapter of a never-released video game designed by magicians Penn & Teller, which also (in a different, “impossible-level” chapter, seen above) features Lou Reed in full 1980s Jheri Curl glory.

A group of incredibly generous masochists at LoadingReadyRun have decided to donate many, many miserable hours of their time to playing this game—but only if sadistic “sponsors” step up and pay them to do it. Last year, the group raised more than $140,000 for Child’s Play, a groovy charity that helps kids have as much fun as possible when they’re stuck in the hospital.

The more (tax-deductible!) donations viewers make to Child’s Play through, the longer LoadingReadyRun must drive the desert bus.

I’m posting this because it’s a cool cause that a company I consult for is sponsoring—and because you might want to head out to to offer up a few dollars in support of a worthy cause.

Just remember: Difficult is wining the Nobel Prize. Impossible is eating the sun.

Thank you for your time.



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