Aug 132007

What do you think this guy had to do to get on the show? And do you think it involved that hot water bottle?


  8 Responses to “All-Star Jam: Merv Griffin RIP Edition”

  1. sammymaudlin

    I thought Sweet did this song originally.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    That… THAT was incredible. Quite possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen on RTH.

  3. Mr. Moderator

    Muscle Rock!!!

    Why does the Starland Vocal Band have to stand behind him?

    Great find, Gerry. Merv did not die in vain.

    We’ll be right back!

  4. KingEd

    For anyone interested in checking out more of the muscle rock of Thor, I’d advise you to check out this feature on the man, the music, the muscle!

  5. Mr. Moderator

    Fascinating, KingEd. Thanks for passing that along.

  6. Mr. Moderator

    Thanks to whomever for adding Glenn Danzig to the Muscle Rock All-Stars list. I meant to add him as a selection last night, but I was blanking on his name.

  7. From a Tom Shales Washington Post Article

    “Canada’s SCTV comedy troupe, imported via syndication and, briefly, a late-night run on NBC, did even more lampooning of Griffin than Carson did, with cast member Rick Moranis (later to star in “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and other Disney family comedies) doing a wickedly funny impersonation — always brandishing a breathless enthusiasm and, like the real Griffin, leaning so far into his guest’s space (presumably to encourage candor) that he looked as though he might nap in their laps.

    Moranis’s Merv would suddenly interrupt whatever conversation happened to be taking place to hurriedly utter what was basically Merv’s mantra at the time: “We’ll be right back.” “

    Oooooh, show us your lining

  8. 2000 Man

    Wow, Thor! I remember seeing that guy when he must have been more serious about The Rock than he was at that time. It was on The Uncle Floyd Show. He had a huge spiked dog collar on and he was very metal.

    That clip on Merv is hilarious. I thought he was out of breath before he started blowing up that water bottle, but he came through and did it! That’s dedication. Dedication to what, I’m not sure, but it looked like dedication to me.

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