Nov 042014

A few years ago the dearly missed Happiness Stan wrote up a piece on an English cult artist I’d never heard about before, Frank Sidebottom. Despite Stan’s typically charming and personal presentation, this artist was hard to swallow. However, I had to give Sidebottom props, at first site, for being annoyingly funny. After that post faded from The Main Stage and after Happiness Stan faded from these Hallowed Halls I never gave Frank Sidebottom another thought…until this past summer, when my wife and I were desperate to see a new movie and came across the description of something called Frank.


  3 Responses to “Movie Review: Frank, or What Almost Famous Intended to Do for Me”

  1. ladymisskirroyale

    Ok, this totally cracks me up because I’m not sure I’m the saint who recommended this movie to you! I think I might have said it seemed like a movie you might like, but given my track record of recommendations, I have been cautious in extolling the virtue of just about anything.

    Luckily, we share an interest in trying to convert peoples’ opinions…

  2. Even saints have difficulty maintaining a high conversion rate. Don’t stop trying!

  3. BigSteve

    Today a friend of mine (who is not a music geek) asked my advice on whether he should see this movie, which is coming to his local art house. I advised caution. I know Jon Ronson is involved, and I liked his Randy Newman doc (I Am, Unfortunately, Randy Newman). I think I might prefer a doc about the actual Frank to a fictional film obliquely about him.

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