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On July 10, 1984 Gordon was sentenced to 16 years to life in prison. While first eligible for parole in 1992, he was denied several times. At a 2005 hearing he claimed his mother was still alive. In 2014, he declined to attend his hearing, and was denied parole until at least 2018. A Los Angeles deputy district attorney stated at the hearing that he was still “seriously psychologically incapacitated” and “a danger when he is not taking his medication”. As of 2015, he is serving his sentence at the California Medical Facility, a specialist medical and psychiatric prison in Vacaville, California.

Who are the other members of this supergroup, which we’ll call Musical Schizophrenic Killers We Love (obviously produced by Phil Spector)?

Mark: “Back to you Al”

More to come from Mark because this isn’t even the topic I asked him if I could steal!


  7 Responses to “Musical Schizophrenic Killers We Love”

  1. Varg Vikernes of the Norwegian death metal scene. His colorful career included stabbing a bandmate to death (claimed in self defense) and burning down churches. Sounds like a wonderful guy, doesn’t he?


  2. I thought he ate his bandmate after killing him, didn’t he?

  3. tonyola

    No, that was the guy he killed…


  4. cherguevara

    Joe Meek could produce this band – he suffered from some kind of mental illness for sure, thought he was being spied upon and apparently was obsessed with trying to communicate with the dead. He murdered his landlady and then committed suicide. Troubled guy.

  5. Speaking of cannibalism, can we count Timothy by The Buoys? New Townsman Mark, it is protocol here for the author of the thread to define it’s rules and parameters.


  6. And then there’s Gail Collins, Mrs. Felix Pappalardi, who shot and killed Felix “accidently” and essential got off, found guilty only of criminally negiligent homicide in a jury trial in which the judge publically admonished the jury for buying Ms. Collins claims that it was an accident.


  7. H. Munster

    I hope this isn’t too off thread, but with a drummer like Jim Capaldi, why did Traffic have Jim Gordon play on Low Spark?

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