Jan 292016

I’d like to welcome Townsman Mark to the Hall. Or maybe I’m welcoming him under some other name as I’m not sure how he registered; I’ll let him introduce himself if he’d like.

Mark is an old acquaintance. We’ve had little contact since I met him around 30 yeas ago and not a lot even then. But…there’s been quite a lot of contact in the last week and Mark has posed some thoughts/issues that seem cut from the RTH mold. And he’s posed them in the insightful/witty/sarcastic manner that is a hallmark of the Hall. I asked his permission to steal one for the Hall and suggested he check us out. He’s joined and now I’m opening this thread but it’s really Mark’s in conception and in words.

Al: “Take over Mark.”

So, on to musical schizophrenic killers we love…

I’ll start with Jim Gordon (drums) – disciple of Hal Blaine & Wrecking Crew; toured with Everly Brothers, Derek & The Dominos, Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs & EnglishmanDelanie & Bonnie, Traffic, Souther-Furay-HIllman; played on Beach Boys‘ Pet Sounds, Dave Mason’s Alone Together, Steely Dan’s Pretzel Logic, Traffic’s Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys, Emitt Rhodes’ The American Dream

In 1983, he attacked his 72-year-old mother, Osa Marie Gordon, with a hammer before fatally stabbing her with a butcher knife, after claiming the voice told him to kill her.


  7 Responses to “Musical Schizophrenic Killers We Love”

  1. Varg Vikernes of the Norwegian death metal scene. His colorful career included stabbing a bandmate to death (claimed in self defense) and burning down churches. Sounds like a wonderful guy, doesn’t he?


  2. I thought he ate his bandmate after killing him, didn’t he?

  3. tonyola

    No, that was the guy he killed…


  4. cherguevara

    Joe Meek could produce this band – he suffered from some kind of mental illness for sure, thought he was being spied upon and apparently was obsessed with trying to communicate with the dead. He murdered his landlady and then committed suicide. Troubled guy.

  5. Speaking of cannibalism, can we count Timothy by The Buoys? New Townsman Mark, it is protocol here for the author of the thread to define it’s rules and parameters.


  6. And then there’s Gail Collins, Mrs. Felix Pappalardi, who shot and killed Felix “accidently” and essential got off, found guilty only of criminally negiligent homicide in a jury trial in which the judge publically admonished the jury for buying Ms. Collins claims that it was an accident.


  7. H. Munster

    I hope this isn’t too off thread, but with a drummer like Jim Capaldi, why did Traffic have Jim Gordon play on Low Spark?

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