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Today’s Mystery Date was suggested by a Townsperson who may or may not choose to help me coax your opinions on this song. Thanks to our Mystery Shadchen!

Let’s review the ground rules here. The Mystery Date song is not necessarily something I believe to be good. So feel free to rip it or praise it. Rather the song is something of interest due to the artist, influences, time period… Your job is to decipher as much as you can about the artist without research. Who do you think it is? Or, Who do you think it sounds like? When do you think it was recorded? Etc…

If you know who it is, don’t spoil it for the rest. Anyone who knows it can play the “mockcarr option.” (And I’ve got a hunch that some of you know this one.) This option is for those of you who just can’t hold your tongue and must let everyone know just how in-the-know you are by calling it. So if you know who it is and want everyone else to know that you know, email Mr. Moderator at mrmoderator [at] rocktownhall [dot] com. If correct we will post how brilliant you are in the Comments section.

The real test of strength though is to guess as close as possible without knowing. Ready, steady, go!

[audio:https://www.rocktownhall.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Mystery-Date-022111.mp3|titles=Mystery Date 022111]

  22 Responses to “Mystery Date”

  1. cliff sovinsanity

    Sounds like a My Bloody Valentine outtake circa Loveless. There’s a cd I will only pull out on special occasions. I’ve never met a shoegazer fan who listens to nothing but shoegazer. It would be the equivalent of having a raincloud follow you around all day sort of like The Gruesomes.

  2. shawnkilroy

    my first thought was Slint
    my second thought was MBV
    my last impression is that it’s Yo La Tengo, and that’s based on the vocal harmony.
    but for real, i don’t know.
    this is fun!

  3. MBV comparisons have been made before regarding this band…

  4. I kind of liked that one. I would guess The Spacemen 3, because it sounds a little like a embryonic, wilder version of Spiritualized.

    It’s not Hirth Martinez, I’m pretty sure.

  5. CORRECT! It’s not Hirth Martinez.

  6. ladymisskirroyale

    This band would be very pleased at these comparisons as they would list them as influences.

  7. BigSteve

    I would have guessed Mogwai, but the vocals aren’t usually like this. It is *very* MBV, so much so that whoever it is should be embarrassed.

  8. ladymisskirroyale

    This is from an early album of theirs, and I think they were aware of this comparison so started to alter their sound.

  9. misterioso

    Gerry and the Pacemakers?

  10. pudman13

    There were a heck of a lot of My Bloody Valentine copycats after LOVELESS, and I might well argue that LOVELESS’ influence ruined more potentially good songs than any album since LET’S DANCE or VAN HALEN. This doesn’t sound like a copy to me, though. This sounds like it really is MBV, some obscurity that isn’t on any of their proper albums?

  11. Not ever getting my head around MBV, it’s amazing how accurate an MVB cop this must be. It’s not them or anyone from their homeland, if I’m clear about that band’s homeland.

  12. ladymisskirroyale

    I’m not giving it away to say that this is an American band. To my knowledge, there have been no Brits amongst their members.

    Do we need hints or is everyone stuck with MBV?

  13. ladymisskirroyale

    It’s not an obscure MBV track, I promise. But back to MBV – they sort of froze at Loveless, given Kevin Shields’ inability or unwillingness to move forward. This band actually started with some MBV copies and then went in a more experimental direction.

    Loveless, although full of distorted guitars and music loops, still kept to a pretty traditional song structure. I chose this track from Band X because they utilize some Loveless elements but then morph the song structure.

  14. jeangray

    Hmmmmmm… I got nothing, but it sure is amazing how ifluential of an album “Loveless” turned out to be. I have a feeling this is an artist that I am familiar with, jus’ not this cut.

  15. trigmogigmo

    Well here’s a take from a MVB-unaware listener. Some of the noise made me wonder if some Cure or Siouxsie bandmembers were involved, but the drums and bass definitely do not fit those players. But the one thing that really caught my ear: the singer’s voice at about 3:11-3:14. It took me a minute or two of replaying that to place it — it’s tonally very similar to some bit of Courtney Love singing I’ve heard somewhere.

  16. The voice is familiar but I can’t place it. The whole thing has an early 90’s vibe about it. Is it a side project of a bigger band, like the Smashing Pumpkins or that group that Nirvana’s bass player formed with the grade school kids? Are Dean and Britta involved?

  17. shawnkilroy


  18. Good guesses – the reveal piece will come later today, when I get some time. Keep your impressions coming!

  19. pudman13

    Lilys is a good guess. Their first few albums had that sound to be sure, and even when their records went pop, their live shows were about nothing but incoherent noise and feedback. It was pretty overwhelming…

  20. How about Flophouse? Is Barbara Manning involved?

  21. ladymisskirroyale

    This group is friendly with (personally and sonically) Lilys. Correct time frame.

  22. ladymisskirroyale

    No Barbara Manning. Opposite coast.

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