Nov 162010

We just received word that Not Lame Recordings, the indie power pop label and distributor led by true believer and all-around good egg Bruce Brodeen is closing shop on November 24, 2010. However, Bruce and his partner in crime, Jon Bard, are not leaving the music scene they love so dearly. A couple of months ago they launched the middle-age music lovers’ social network Rock and Roll Tribe, and now they’re putting together another power pop network called Pop Geek Heaven. A personal message from Bruce can be found here.

As someone whose small-potatoes releases were supported by Not Lame over the years, even when they were frequently outside their key demographic, I say Thanks and Best of luck in your new ventures! Bruce and his crew were always responsive, responsible, and supportive. Rock on!


  2 Responses to “Not Lame Saying Goodbye”

  1. cherguevara


  2. That’s a shame. Bruce put out some great stuff ,championed some fantastic power-pop bands, and stocked tons of indie CDs before the mp3 was a real option.

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