Nov 012010

It’s been way too long since we’ve recognized a Comment of the Month, because lord knows we get more worthy candidates than possibly any other music-discussion blog you’ll come across. In a recent Once and For All thread determining the most egregious fashion faux pas by Mick Jagger, we received the following winner:

"oof! i vote for that outfit. so bad. it looks like one 80′s Mike Love’s outfits got fucked by something from Mick Jones’ B.A.D. wardrobe."

Townsman shawnkilroy, commenting on this fashion faux pas, submitted by Townsman k.


  2 Responses to “October Comment of the Month: Townsman Brings New Meaning to “Cross-Dressing””

  1. shawnkilroy

    thank you. i am honored.

  2. I feel like I’ve won the Dr Phil McGraw Enabler of the Month award. You’re welcome.

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