Feb 172013

Jed Hoile (in chains).

Jed Hoile (in chains).

Despite opening the landmark decisions of Once and For All February to The People, one particular Townsperson has made such a strong case for settling a topic that we are compelled to suspend the RTH Poll on that topic and be done with any further debates on the matter—once and for all!

That’s right, thanks to a write-in nomination by Townsman cherguevarra, Rock Town Hall has determined—once and for all—the Least-Essential Sidekick of ’80s Rock.

Congratulations, Jed Hoile, better known as the mime who initially served as the sidekick for Howard Jones.

The Townspeople have spoken. Let this be the end of all debates on this subject.


  6 Responses to “Once and For All: Jed Hoile Named Least-Essential Sidekick of ’80s Rock”

  1. Is that Lance Armstrong in middle school?


  2. cherguevara

    “Mime is money.”

  3. ladymisskirroyale

    I have to admit to liking one or two albums by Howard Jones. But I never saw the videos…I may have had to reconsider if I’d seen the mime.

  4. That’s perfect, because I’ve always considered Howard Jones the least essential artist of the ’80s.

  5. ohmstead

    Actually Howard has a new sidekick who bears an uncanny resemblance to Otho, the interior designer in Beetlejuice. We saw Mr. Jones and Otho perform a live micro-set at Epcot last November with a bunch of other 40-somethings and their kids. To my 11-year daughter’s horror I became swept up in the moment, stood on my 2nd row bleacher seat, turned around to the politely nodding mid-lifers composing the audience, outstretched my arms with palms up and began making the universal sign for “get off your sorry asses”. Happily, the lovely double-dating gay couples directly behind us immediately jumped to their feet and started dancing wildly, which rapidly telegraphed through out the audience and soon the mostly everyone was on their feet. Granted I was working off some Dutch courage provided by real beer from fake England – but hey it was Disney and I was self-medicating. But still, quite a contrast for someone who once sat through an entire U-2 concert in solitary and silent protest to the extent to which the band was drunk on their own fame.


  6. STRONG post of the month contender!

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