Mar 302007

I have some news that I forgot to mention, so I thought I’d post about it anyway because I usually get pretty frothy when they start renaming things in my community: I just heard yesterday at the agency I work at that Philadelphia’s The TLA is going to be renamed to The Fillmore PhiladelphiaCool, or not cool – thoughts?

Todd Rundgren to Play Inaugural Concert at Newly Re-Named Fillmore Philadelphia

Live Nation Expands Fan-Centric Fillmore Music Venue Concept to Philadelphia

Chris Cornell, Peter Bjorn & John, Air and Amy Winehouse Set to Play The Fillmore Philadelphia in the Coming Months

PHILADELPHIA, March 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — When doors open to Todd Rundgren’s Philadelphia concert on April 27th, fans will notice a difference. Upon entering the venue, there will be fresh apples for hungry live music aficionados and a greeter to let them know about upcoming shows. On top of the significant renovations that the venue underwent last year, hardwood floors are being installed, the walls will be painted a deep red hue and three large chandeliers will shine light on vintage posters, pictures and newspaper articles recounting legendary live music performances. After the show, a collectible poster commemorating the evening will be distributed to concert goers, a tradition that will continue for select shows throughout the year.

(More here on the Live Nation site…)


  12 Responses to “Philadelphia: Theatre of Living Arts to Be Renamed…The Fillmore?”

  1. Terrible.

    The TLA had turned into a pretty good venue to see live music but I feel like this name change degrades it again.

  2. Mr. Moderator

    I agree with MrClean. Why not just call it McFillmore or Fillbucks? This strikes me as a case of renaming a club to improve sales of club-related merchandise, like the last 20 years of CBGB’s existence.

  3. Stupid, stupid idea. Does the word “Fillmore” even have any hip cachet at this point? As Hrundi would say, “*ROAN”!

  4. Er, uh “GROAN!”

  5. There’s at least one in Denver now as well, which I believe is the room that was known as the Rainbow when I was a kid. I’d love to see them try to name a Boston venue the Fillmore, because local pride would insist that it immediately be renamed the Boston Tea Party, which was the local equivalent.

  6. mwall

    Now playing at the Fed-Ex Fillmore: Jefferson Corporateship.

  7. Philadelphia has it’s own horrible venue already named after it’s classic, more appealing, predecessor, “The Electric Factory”. The TLA on the other hand has a reasonably interesting genealogy on its own as a local space and retaining its name has way more value than pretending its somehow related to the Fillmore legacy.

  8. BigSteve

    Naming it the Fillmore is bogus, but Theatre of Living Arts was a pretty dumb name too (especially with the affected British spelling of theater).

  9. Mr. Moderator

    I believe Andre Gregory was one of the founders of the original TLA, BigSteve. He was just following the pretentious spelling of his own first name.

  10. I think they shoul call it “The Living Theatre of Art”
    That’s what Robert Pollard used to call it when he played there.

  11. hrrundivbakshi

    How about “Art’s Theater Of the Living”?

    Or maybe “Art’s Living In the Theater!”

    Or just go whole hog with the moniker, “Art’s Living In the Theater — In the Basement, Down By the Boilers”

  12. saturnismine

    i resemble those remarks.

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