Jun 012011

This better come with a centerfold!

While browsing through eMusic yesterday I came across the following new entry to the digital music distributor’s catalog: Charlie, Anthology.

You may remember Charlie, or at least the band’s album covers, from an old RTH Confessional post by our man sammymaudlin.

You may remember hearing their music on an episode of our weekly podcast, Saturday Night Shut-In, as first heard at the 21:52 mark in this archived podcast.

That said, is anyone asking for any sort of Charlie anthology other than, perhaps, a glossy magazine, complete with centerfold, of shots of the album cover models?


  5 Responses to “Please Explain: Charlie, Anthology

  1. pudman13

    The funny thing is that if you go to youtube and look for posts of Charlie songs, the user comments are always very nostalgic. Somehow, this band had a small cult of people who really loved them, so I guess there is an audience for this.. I find them kind of intriguing…they are unbearably slick and commercial, yet none of the songs I’ve heard sound like they could have been hits. It’s like they were trying as hard as possible to be mainstream in an inaccessible way.

  2. That’s a perfect characterization!

  3. tonyola

    Jeez, two ’70s British bands in one week that I’ve never heard of – Showaddywaddy and Charlie. I thought I had a bunch of UK obscurities in my collection – Sailor, Stackridge, Jonesy, Man, Greenslade, Refugee, Van Der Graaf Generator, and so on – but you guys have scooped me twice in three days! But then again, maybe it’s that I might actually want to listen to the bands I’ve listed.

  4. At first I thought this was a collection from attractive 80s country singer Charly McClain — sometimes she went by just Charly — but why would Mr. Mod post about her?

    But then I see the spelling is different . . . and the music . . . it sounds like fake rock from a bad made for TV movie. Toto meets Survivor?

  5. Yes! It’s like the stuff Greg Brady would listen to whenever he turned on his big transistor radio – the one in the green naugahyde case.

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