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As I was trying to forget the Nationals’ 18-inning crusher of a loss the other night, I caught up on some old email accounts and see that iTunes has picked four post-Beatles songs for a free download. They chose:

  • John Lennon’Love” (Plastic Ono Band)
  • Paul McCartney’s “Call Me Back Again” (Venus and Mars)
  • George Harrison’s “Let It Down” (All Things Must Pass) and
  • Ringo Starr’s “Walk With You” (Y Not).

Not bad, but can Rock Town Hall do better than iTunes? My challenge “To You”: What are some of your favorite deep cuts from the Fab Four after the breakup?


  12 Responses to “Post-Beatles Gems?”

  1. I’ve been listening to Band on the Run a lot of late. What a GREAT solo Beatles album. I love the sound of it. Almost all the songs are great-to-good. I have tremendous associations with it. It reminds me of the best of times from whatever age I was when that album came out. “Let Me Roll It” is an obvious deep cut, but how about “No Words” and “Bluebird” as deeper cutz?

  2. diskojoe

    I agree Mr. Mod, Band on the Run is a great album. I have the deluxe 2-CD, 1 DVD edition, which has a documentary w/the band playing live in the studio, which is also pretty cool.

    As for George Harrison, I always wonder why almost every compilation of his solo period includes songs that he did w/the Beatles, either the original versions or “live” versions. None of the other Beatles’ (even Ringo’s!) solo compilations do that.

    Finally, who are you rooting for in the baseball playoffs? I really have no beef against any of the teams except the O’s, but even then I have to respect the job Dan Duquette has done w/them, especially considering that he wasn’t the 1st choice. An O’s-Nats World Series would be interesting, although I’m hoping that the Royals do well.

  3. For his later period songs I think George had his own publisher. When I was in high school I bought a book of solo Beatles songs, and songs like “Something” were included. I don’t believe the other Beatles had that separate publishing deal.

    For the playoffs, I’m first rooting for the Nationals to lose.

    I’ve always liked the Royals and have long rooted for them to get competitive again, same as I have for the Pirates. Go Royals!

    I don’t dislike the Orioles, but for some reason I’ve got a beef with the city of Baltimore. I’ve almost never had a great time in that city, except for when I’ve been in their baseball stadium. I’ll support them, however, if they advance, just because they stunk for too long.

    In the NL, I lean toward the Giants, although I’d accept seeing the Dodgers advance for the benefit of my close, personal friend, sammymaudlin. I have nothing but admiration for the Cardinals, but I’m sick of them winning.

  4. I need to re-engage with that album — my two favorite Wings albums are London Town and Back to the Egg, because that’s when I started to listening to rock records instead of just radio singles.

  5. As a kid, George songs never got to me the way Wings and Lennon solo stuff did — this is the type of stuff I recall hearing.

    Blow Away

    I am in the tank for the Nats — my National League girlfriend. I am rooting for the Royals in the AL, but I love Camden Yards, so I am OK with them in the Series.

  6. 2000 Man

    I don’t think I really know enough solo things by The Beatles to pick anything really deep. Does anyone actually own a Ringo Starr album? I’ll agree with Band on the Run, I think it’s better than any Beatles album. That being said, I think that if I just wanted four free solo Beatles songs, these are the ones I’d want:

    Paul – Junior’s Farm
    Ringo – Goodnight Vienna
    George – Wah Wah? I don’t have any solo George and can’t see ever caring about his stuff. I don’t hate that song.
    John – I know he’s supposed to be the greatest thing ever in Rock N’ Roll, but I barely like any of his hits and his album cuts always sound like total filler to me. So I’ll just ask for any other Paul song instead.

    I’d like to see The Royals take it all. They sure beat up the Indians this year, and I couldn’t figure out why (other than the Indians only scoring two runs a game). But I the Royals, and I always have.

  7. cherguevara

    John Lennon – Gimmie Some Truth
    McCartney – The Songs We Were Singing (a recent-ish one, take that!)
    Ringo – I’m The Greatest (written by John Lennon)
    George – Not sure I know any “deep cuts.” Probably my favorite would be the supergroup song, Handle With Care, but I suppose that doesn’t qualify.

    Those are the easy ones.

  8. I was hoping that people had found some hidden “gems” on the many Ringo albums that languished in the cutouts when I was a kid. Many times they were star-studded affairs, but I never bought them. I think the Ringo album with “I’m the Greatest” might be the best one. With George, I used to have 33 1/3, self-titled, Dark Horse, and my friend’s sister had left behind a very scratched version of All Things Must Pass, but nothing ever stuck. I lost interest by the time Cloud Nine rolled out.

  9. Goodnight Vienna — what a horrible album cover. Also I wonder how many people paid full price for Ringo’s Rotogravure!

    It will be fun hearing Joe Buck try to pronounce the names of the Royals.

  10. cherguevara

    “I’m The Greatest” has the same turn around as “Nobody Told Me,” which I think is interesting. I have a few George albums, but never really feel compelled to play them. Too bad, because I do like his contributions to the Beatles’ albums, especially the later ones.

  11. John: Only ever owned Shaved Fish, but don’t particularly like any of his songs.

    John: Bought All Things Must Pass, but only ever played it once.

    Ringo: Liked “Oh My My” and “Early 1970” when I was 13, but haven’t played any Ringo songs since. (1975)

    Paul: Also love Band on the Run, and especially love Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five. I also love Rock Show and Magneto & Titanium Man from Venus & Mars.

    Magneto & Titanium man is my all time favourite solo Beatles song.

  12. hrrundivbakshi

    “Hi Hi Hi,” Paulie
    “Whatever Gets You Through the Night,” John
    “Wah Wah,” George
    “You’re 16,” Ringo

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