Sep 022009

Thanks, Tvox! This has made my day. It will likely make your day too.


  8 Responses to “Previously Unearthed (at Least Among My Friends) Nick Lowe Video Unearthed by Townsman Tvox (or a Friend of His – What Do I Know)”

  1. trolleyvox

    Nah, the song was playing in my head this morning, so I did a search. Who knew? I’d never heard this version before.

  2. Mr. Moderator

    I looked up the stats on YouTube and you seemed to be the only person who had EVER played that video before…not really, but think of all us cool, happening rock nerds in these hallowed halls. Who among us has seen this before? Who among us is not dazzled by its majesty?

  3. BigSteve

    Not only have I not seen that video before, but I don’t think I’ve heard that recording. It’s close to the one I know, but the guitar solo is different and then ending is different. What’s the deal?

  4. Mr. Moderator

    See what I mean, Tvox, a Dean among Townspeople hasn’t seen this video or heard this song! I’m curious to know if our Townspeople in the UK have heard it. Hopefully someone like Townsman mikeydread, who I suspect is from across the pond, will check in.

  5. Mr. Moderator

    Watching this again I noticed something that may require further research: Nick Lowe’s lip-synching is excellent, possibly better than any video lip-synching one might have seen during that era. It mustn’t have been until sometime in the late-80s when bands came prepared to lip-synch in their videos. “Musicians” have probably been taking lessons in lip-synching for the last 15-20 years. I’m still waiting for the day when bands hire “video musicians,” who look cooler than the real band members when pretending to solo or do a drum fill.

  6. I looked at the recording credits for this on the new Jesus of Cool/Pure Pop release and it was Steve Goulding on drums and Nick on everything else. I found another Rockpile live version that looked to be a little after the video (Nick had his hair cut shorter) but they played the same arrangement, including the Bremner Guitar solo and the nifty ending. The first difference I noticed from the original was the back up vocals on the chorus. On the original track, Lowe double tracks the lead vocal so alternating lines can slightly overlap. The live version had Edmunds singing the background harmony from the video. Also the tempo in the video seems slightly faster. Could this be a Rockpile studio re-recording, maybe in one of those BBC sessions for the shows where the bands weren’t supposed to just use the original release?

  7. BigSteve

    Yes, it occurred to me as well that this might have been a BBC session they were miming to. The thing is, beyond the slight differences in arrangement it sounds really close to the original.

    When I first watched, I thought this must have been where the photos from the Jesus of Cool cover were taken. But, as geo suggests, this must be later. I guess he was just remodeling the concept of the different Looks.

  8. I like the Jesus Of Cool version much better. This is later (since Rockpile is the band)

    I don’t like the solo or harmony as much as the original

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