Mar 212014

This one goes out to chickenfrank.

Own it.


  2 Responses to “Psycho Chucken (sic)”

  1. diskojoe

    I remember this song very well. The Fools were a local (Boston) band who first put out this parody version of “Psycho Killer” circa 1979 & it got plenty of radio airplay on WBCN (who played the phrase “What the Bleep” instead of bleeping the whole phrase) & other Boston stations. It led to a deal w/EMI, who put out 2 albums & they faded away in the early 80s. They were still doing local clubs in the 90s & may be still to this day. Actually, I just checked the old webtubes & there’re still around:

  2. Thank you. I’ve never seen that video, but I know The Fools. Townsman Bittman turned me on to them in high school. I know they sing What the Fuck so Bittman must have had the single or the album. I do recall seeing that they were playing at Hampton Beach in N.H. years after their miniscule heyday. (or is Hay day more apropos?) I thought the local Boston scene had a really strong roster of new wave and punk bands during that time. I’m fuzzy sure that Bittman and I saw The Fools open for the Joe Perry project. How’s that for a wicked good Bah-ston show.

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