Aug 272013

Thicke one!

Thicke one!

I fully support Miley Cyrus’ right to shake her booty and creep people out. You asked for it, America. Don’t act so surprised. (Or did they?!?!)

I love this quote from Robin Thicke’s mom—that’s right, the mother of the guy pretending to ram it up young Miley’s ass:

“I don’t understand what Miley Cyrus is trying to do,” the former Days of Our Lives actress said. “I think she’s misbegotten in this attempt of hers. And I think it was not beneficial.”

Don’t you know that it’s different for guys

Have you seen the “Battle for the Best Song of the Millennium” showdown going on at Grantland? Major King Shit on Poop Hill contest underway. Applying a fun March Madness format to any old subject does not ensure a worthwhile contest. I see that “Hey Ya” is in the quarterfinals as a 3-seed. I heard that song on a(nother) commercial the other day. It’s a totally fun song, a nice Prince ripoff, and an excellent advertising jingle. But a 3-seed in any millennial showdown? That’s like “Knock Three Times” making it into the quarterfinals in a showdown among 20th century songs.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something else in the music world that’s hogging space this week.


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  1. jeangray

    What Ms. Cyrus did, was not twerking. This is twerking:

  2. Do I really want to watch this…in work? The term is wholly unappealing regardless of whatever it is. But don’t think I’m not thankful for your clarification:)

  3. jeangray

    Ha ha! Well, twerking does appear to be becoming more mainstream everyday.

  4. diskojoe

    Frankly. I’m cheerfully ignoring that Miley Cyrus thingie. As my Polish father wouild have said, “I no give damn!”

    Here’s a list of UK No. 2 singles from Auntie Beeb, a vasr majority of them I could enjoy:

    Finally, I’m listening to The Who By Numbers in my car. I switched from the CD to my local oldies stration & guess what song comes on, “Squeeze Box”!

  5. 2000 Man

    I saw some of that, but it wasn’t interesting enough to watch. When she came out of her pod thingy she kept sticking her tongue out, and it wasn’t in the way that catches my interest. It was more like she had a bug fly into her mouth. But she kept doing it, so I think someone told her it was sexy. She needs a better advisor, maybe one that can avoid watching porn online for more than ten minutes at a time.

  6. hrrundivbakshi

    I watched as much of that idiotic performance as I could, then switched over to YouTube to catch a couple of Janelle Monae tracks so I could cleanse my mind. I kid you not, My wife and I both shed a tear for the impressionable youth of our nation, upon seeing the vast and important distance that separates the stupidity of Miley Cyrus’ “statement” and the work of a genuinely thoughtful, positive, and original artist like Monae.

  7. sammymaudlin

    2K shares my POV on this. I fully support over-the-top-sexy performances by young hot musical chicks. I support it from both a perv perspective as well as a marketing perspective. Madonna has done amazingly well from both perspectives.

    So to see if both perspectives could be satisfied by Miley, I found a clip online

    What surprised me the most from the instant that labrador-slobbering-tongue move made it’s debut, is how truly awful she is at being “sexy”. A cute young woman with the potential to be “hot” dangling her tongue and hip-thumping out-of-beat “sexy” does not make.

    I could go on-and-on and, trust me, I am very open to enjoying this type of thing. In this case however, after shock was relieved, laughter ensued and then a level of embarrassment for her settled in which required a mind-shower akin to hrrundi’s.

    My cleanse was in the form of Richard Hell’s Spurts: The Richard Hell Story collection which I am enjoying very much thanks to RTH.


  8. ladymisskirroyale

    Sartorial splendor accompanied by fancy footwork = a winner!

  9. I was laughing over this important story the other night with my son. He asked me if I ever heard the Robin Thicke song “Blurred Lines.” I had not. I just clicked on a video for the song and heard it for the first time. More importantly, I watched the video, which is NOT SAFE FOR WORK (NSFW):

    I can’t believe there’s all this moralistic outrage over Miley Cyrus pretending to parade around nude with a foam finger when the whole bit is a tribute to Thicke’s video. To KingEd’s point, where does Thicke’s mom get off tsk-tsking Miley and not her son? Ridiculous. Watch the video when you get home. It explains A LOT.

  10. I love the fact that people are:
    – outraged at her performance
    – defending her right to twerk
    – pointing out how unfair it is that Robin Thicke is not being criticized
    – saying the problem is not the dancing but the music itself
    – talking about this while condemning others for talking about this because there are much more pressing problems in the world.
    – etc

    I’ve not seen the performance but this has been the top story for how long now? This is the new marketing paradigm. Point: Cyrus.

  11. I looked at the results of the first round of the best song thing, and it got me a little depressed. 50 Cent over Wilco, Jay-Z over the Strokes, Usher over LCD Soundsystem, Beyonce over Vampire Weekend, and worst of all, Since U Been Gone over Rebellion (Lies).

  12. Also, I’m of the opinion that as far as Outkast goes, B.O.B. is a better song than Hey Ya.

  13. Miley is trying a few new trends guaranteed to outrage:

    Clerking – Doing clerical work in a law office like a dirty whore.

    Jerking – Making sexy Jamaican chicken.

    Gherkin – Eating dirty sexy pickles.

  14. hrrundivbakshi

    Perking: grinding sexily against a coffee maker.

    Shirking: sexing shit up when you should be doing something else, like cutting auto-tuned overdubs.

  15. Sorkin: spouting overly dramatic dialogue while walking down endless White House hallways in a sexy and dirty manner.

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