Dec 112010


Tonight Mr. Moderator’s joyous, festive holiday party season kicks off, so tonight’s episode has been pre-recorded. Save your requests for next week, kids!

In preparation for his night of merriment, Mr. Moderator has selected a set of songs to get him in the mood. Maybe this set will psych you up, too, as you head for the egg nog bowl and the right partner under the mistletoe. And fear not Christmas music-phobes: this is a thoroughly non–holiday-themed set of music. It’s all about getting ready to party! Mr. Mod figures you’ll want to play this set in anticipation of parties through the coming year.

[audio:|titles=RTH Saturday Night Shut-In, episode 6]

Download RTH Saturday Night Shut-In, episode 6 (~31.5 MB).


  3 Responses to “Rock Town Hall’s Saturday Night Shut-In: Holiday Party Season Psych Up!”

  1. ladymisskirroyale

    Ah, that Spinners song – remember it well. A favorite! And how current of you to have the Fiery Furnaces. Nice job, Mod.

  2. Fiery Furnaces are a rare contemporary band I usually like. To me, they’re so much better than tons of stuff that gets covered more often.

  3. This is probably not news to the hip, techno-savvy types who frequent Rock Town Hall, but you can use iTunes to subscribe to and download mp3s posted here. An “Add to iTunes” link has been added to the left sidebar for ease in setting this up. From there you should be able to listen to Shut-In episodes and, I believe, all other newly posted mp3s (eg, Mystery Dates, Thrifty Music tracks) on your own time and location. Hope some of you find this useful.

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