Sep 092009

I was listening to the Hoodoo Gurus‘ album Stoneage Romeos today. It’s a fine mod-’80s rock album, in retrospect not especially “new wave.” One song really stands out from all the others:


Obviously there’s another well-known song of the same title:


Maybe “I want you back” is a feeling many songwriters might be drawn to. My challenge to the collective wisdom of Rock Town Hall is to name another title that shares two (or more?) songs this good.


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  1. What is it about the phrase “I want you” that inspires great songs? Dylan’s “I Want You” and Elvis Costello’s I Want You.” (And if we can disregard parentheses in this game–The Beatles “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”). That’s a pretty good triple header. Less obviously, Wire’s “Fragile” and Tom Verlaine’s “Fragile” or was his song off Dreamtime–where’s the CD for that?–called “Handle With Care”? In which case throw in the Traveling Wilburys’ “Handle With Care.”

  2. diskojoe

    How about “I Need You” by the Kinks & the Beatles?

  3. This is similar to the Last Man Standing from a while back:

    “I Saw The Light”

    Hank Williams and Todd Rundgren

  4. mockcarr

    Probably there are many more but, Let’s Go by the Cars and the Feelies.

  5. BigSteve

    Ok, I’d forgotten about that Last Man Standing, but the important thing here is quality, not the mere existence of two songs with the same title. I’m asking for two songs as good as the two I Want You Backs.

  6. “Roadrunner” is my favorite.

    Bo Diddley
    The Modern Lovers

  7. “I’m On Fire”

    Dwight Twilley Band
    Bruce Springsteen

  8. mockcarr

    Bad Reputation by Freedy Johnston and the dB’s

  9. “Temptation” by Elvis Costello and New Order

  10. “Rain”

    The Beatles ’66
    Robyn Hitchcock ’82
    The Chills ’87

    The Robyn Hitchcock number isn’t quite up to stuff, but the Chills song (especially version recorded for the 2nd Peel Sessions) lives up to the title IMO.

  11. “Rip It Up”

    Little Richard ’57
    Orange Juice ’82

  12. Mr. Moderator

    I remembered that Last Man Standing when I published BigSteve’s post this morning, but this is different in that it asks for QUALITY considerations. Glad to know Townspeople are trying to uphold our rigorous standards, though.

    I can’t stand Costello’s “I Want You,” thanks to EC’s oversinging, but chuckflack makes a good case for Dylan and The Beatles, if we allow the parenthetical part of the title to slip by the judges.

    “Temptation” is a GREAT one – one of a handful of New Order songs I know by name AND like!

    The first thing that came to mind for me while I was on the road for work today – and the only one that I’ve come up with so far – are the two “Games People Play” songs, although the country-rock one may technically have a different title, and I can’t recall if I really like that one or not. In other words, to date, I’VE GOT NOTHING!

  13. BigSteve

    I’ll Take Care of You

    It’s a relatively well-known Bobby Bland song (written by Brook Benton:

    It’s been covered by Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Mark Lanegan, and probably others.

    It’s also an unjustly obscure ballad by Marvin Gaye, written by HDH:

  14. I’m gonna get called a pussy again, but
    “Time after Time” Cyndi Lauper and REM. Fuck it, my manliness is beyond reproach, I’m the only Rock Townie to have a Gordie Howe hat trick tonight….bonus points to any other townies who didn’t just Google “gordie howe hat trick”….

  15. “It’s so Easy” Buddy Holly and Guns and Roses…

    but the winner is “I Saw the light”

  16. I Don’t Care:
    The Ramones
    Black flag

    I’m a man:
    Bo Diddley
    Spencer Davis Group

    Coltrane & Neil

    (lots more than 2 I know, won’t even mention the other Neil…)
    AMERICA: by Steppenwolf (also first cut on my best Gatefold Pick)
    & Paul Simon

    RE:Bad Reputation by Freedy Johnston and the dB’s also by Thin Lizzy & Joan Jett

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