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For the record, I have never seen this movie. This clip is the first and only bit I’ve ever seen of it. I’ll have to say, the clip is not bad, but at that time in my life I would have been more likely to duck into a theater if one of my favorite members of The Go-Go’s had starred in such a vehicle.

I do have 2 friends who spent a free day attending a matinee showing of the movie by themselves—only to run into each other in the theater! But I’ll leave that confession up to each of them.

Remember who wrote, directed, and produced this Susanna Hoffs vehicle?

RTH Confessional: Did you pay money to see The Allnighter in the theater?

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  16 Responses to “RTH Confessional: “I paid money to see The Allnighter in the theater.””

  1. mockcarr

    I distinctly remember attending this movie as a form of band solidarity when I was in college. I even think we began using the phrase “fascist martinet” as perhaps the only memorable thing about that turd apart from Susie. I summon Massimo!

  2. I watched the last half-hour or so on TV with my now-wife a few years ago. We were actually talking about this movie a few days ago, since it co-stars Michael Ontkean (aka- Sheriff Truman from Twin Peaks), and we just saw him in The Descendants, although he doesn’t have any lines.

  3. I never saw it but I just watched the clip and I must say, I’m intrigued! Do you know if there is a director’s cut available?

  4. I confess to never have seeing this movie, but wow! I will confess to seeing The Bangles last summer for free at county fair and am happy to report that Ms. Hoff is still “keeping it tight.”

  5. mockcarr

    That would be REALLY weird, I think her mom was behind this movie in almost every facet.

  6. misterioso

    Oats, thanks. I saw The Descendants a few weeks ago (thought it was good, much better than the Pinot Noir movie) and kept saying to myself, “Damn, that looks like Michael Ontkean!” But he never said anything and I didn’t catch his name in the final credits. And, of course, I never bothered to look it up online.

  7. Sorry; I’ve never seen this. IMDB sez it came out in 1987, by which time I was back up here. Are you sure “fascist martinet” is in there? That DOES sound like something we would’ve said. Constantly.

  8. Yeah; I’d call that scene effective rather than good, but the – um, “effectiveness” is greatly reduced if you think about her mom just behind the frame issuing instructions.

  9. cherguevara

    I’ve never even heard of this movie before. I did, however, pay money to see “Howard The Duck.” A wise decision, I’m sure.

  10. I didn’t see it when it played in the theater as it didn’t play in my local theater in Podunk. I did rent the video version, and I was quite disappointed that Ms. Hoffs did not remove her top. I was unaware of the mom angle at the time.

  11. hrrundivbakshi

    I continue to assert that I win the lifetime RTH “I Paid Money to See…” award for paying money to watch “Graffiti Bridge” in a theater. Prince’s ass was every bit as beautiful as Susannah Hoff’s, by the way. Mod, as an appreciator of fine male rock asses, you would’ve been pleased.

  12. alexmagic

    In retrospect, it’s kind of weird that Prince didn’t get more involved with Hoffs, isn’t it? He gave the Bangles Manic Monday, but I bet ’86 Prince could have knocked off a dozen more songs for them in a few hours that would have been as bit as the hits off their following album, with the only tradeoff being that Hoffs would have had to appear in the Batdance video and move to Minnesota.

  13. mockcarr

    Hmm, that’s a pretty airtight alibi. Regarding the quote, maybe I’m conflating it with something else, but I seem to remember at some point two clearly idiotic boyfriendish characters being thrown in jail, and upon being denied something, one of the dolts incongruously hollers “Fascist martinet!” at the cop.

    I guess I truly am the only doofus around here a few bucks poorer for having seen that youtube scene larger than life.

  14. mockcarr

    I can’t stand that song, the lyrics would probably make Jewel wince.

  15. mockcarr

    Now THAT’S a love that should not have been named. Somewhat like Prince himself.

  16. Another attempt at curing Mr. Mod’s aversion to humor in music, Robbie Fulks’ tribute to Ms. Hoffs. Note the slight lyric change in chorus two.


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