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Mar 032022

I’m not sure who the last man standing on this site but on the off chance that you are still here and not on other social media sites, please note that on Saturday March 19th, no less than 4 bands containing at least one townsman will be hitting the stage at the Fire (4th and Girard, Phila). The lineup includes Manayunk Homeboys featuring Geo; The Donuts featuring cdm, Chickenfrank, and long dormant townsman Sonny; Nixon’s Head featuring Chickenfrank Andy, Sethro, and Mr Mod; and the Cowpokes featuring one of our newest members, Garlicsalt. The show starts at 8. Come on down!


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  1. As mentioned, I will be there. and now that I understand Garlicsalt will be involved in the last act, beginning to end.

    Oh Boy!

  2. Oh, and do be there at 8:00.

  3. I’ll be there!
    (Not really–according to GPS, it’s 2,862 miles from here, and I’m afraid that’s 193 out of my range. But kick all kinds of ass!)

  4. I get most of my social media from Trump’s Truth Social app now, but that doesn’t seem to be promoting the show yet. Glad to find it here.

  5. BigSteve

    How did it go?

  6. Big Steve, it didn’t happen yet. It’s on 3/19. I’ll see if I can get the Mod to set his phone on a tripod near the sound board and Facetime Live stream it.

  7. garlic salt

    I’m very excited to play it (provided we don’t get rejected by the fire lady). Also chickenfrank don’t worry, I’ve been promoting it extensively on Truth using my network of Russian bots.

  8. BigSteve

    The anticipation is unbearable, so I thought I’d hurry things along.

  9. Yeah, what’s with the Fire Lady? She’s a bit irascible as they say at the spelling bee.

  10. Hey, I remember this place! Sorry I’ve been away.

    The show went well. We were represented by Townspeople in all 4 bands. Everyone delivered. The crowd was good. It was super loud onstage, though – the soundman had the monitors cranked louder than the sound out to the audience. I had a serious scare regarding my hearing that cleared up a couple of days later. Yikes!

    It was also really sweaty in the club. I would be a world champion in sweating if there were competitive events for that, but I think I set a new personal best that night.

  11. After going through one VERY LOUD song at soundcheck, I asked the soundguy if there were drums and guitars in the drummer’s monitor, because we were getting this giant blasting quadraphonic version of ourselves in addition to what we normally hear in our not too quiet rehearsals. “Oh yeah, it’s all pushed cause you said you couldn’t hear instruments in the monitor.” I said, “No, I said we didn’t need any instruments in the monitors.” Oh.

    It got a little better, but still.

  12. I just discovered this site today. Don’t bail on me now.

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