May 042012

This one goes to zero!

Rock Town Hall has a long and honored tradition of rock video analysis, with Townspeople often incorporating the distinctive technique of commenting on videos with the sound off. In honor of alexmagic‘s legendary analysis of a video of Tom Jones performing with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, we are instituting a new feature, Sound Off!

The way a Sound Off! thread works is simple:

  • A video is posted for us to view with the sound off.
  • We comment on what we’re seeing with the sound off.
  • We most likely share in the sense of wonder that there’s much to learn about music with the sound off.

You will be entrusted to view the following video with the sound off. If we could disable the video’s sound we would, but something tells me the copyright holder of the video might object to that. Trust us, for the purposes of this thread the sound will get in the way. Beside, you may be viewing this at work, in which case coworkers will only be distbured by your giggles; you won’t have to worry about the artist’s music leaking into their cube.

After the jump, why don’t you turn the sound off and watch the following video!

WARNING: The following video is a compilation featuring a specific guitarist and his legendary smug rock faces. Enjoy.


  8 Responses to “Sound Off!”

  1. tonyola

    He looked cooler when he was unsuccessfully trying to channel the absent Robert Fripp on David Bowie’s “Fashion” video. Better hair and less mugging.

  2. alexmagic

    0:00-0:32 – Baddest MF’er to ever live.

    0:33-0:39 – Wait, World Party was on SNL?

    0:44-1:44 – It’s like if Eastwood’s Man With No Name played guitar instead of shooting people and was ten times cooler.

  3. I saw a promo interview with him for his signature model Tele and he came off like a mellow guy who got bit by the rock bug just when it was getting started. Apparently, he can’t not look like a smug douche when he plays which is a shame because he still seems fascinated by the whole rock thing and seems to genuinely appreciate his station in life.

  4. bostonhistorian

    Someone better give that guitar an epidural, because whatever he’s trying to get it to give birth to isn’t coming easy…

  5. I’ve seen a similar interview with him. You’re right, it’s a shame he is genetically predisposed to smugness.

  6. Nice. I have missed your contributions, Historian.

  7. misterioso

    Man, I saw G.E. a whole bunch of times when he was lead guitarist in Dylan’s touring band, 1988-1990. He was pretty terrific, and a big part of some tremendous shows, and after a while I stopped getting irritated with his endless mugging.

  8. I couldn’t stand watching the guy on SNL, but remembering his beautiful melodic playing on Waits’ “Downtown Train”, I always found it hard to completely hate the guy….but I still don’t want to watch him play.

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