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Oct 222012

This one goes to zero!

Rock Town Hall has a long and honored tradition of rock video analysis, with Townspeople often incorporating the distinctive technique of commenting on videos with the sound off. In honor of alexmagic‘s legendary analysis of a video of Tom Jones performing with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, we are instituting a new feature, Sound Off!

The way a Sound Off! thread works is simple:

  • A video is posted for us to view with the sound off.
  • We comment on what we’re seeing with the sound off.
  • We most likely share in the sense of wonder that there’s much to learn about music with the sound off.

You will be entrusted to view the following video with the sound off. If we could disable the video’s sound we would, but something tells me the copyright holder of the video might object to that. Trust us, for the purposes of this thread the sound will get in the way. Beside, you may be viewing this at work, in which case coworkers will only be distbured by your giggles; you won’t have to worry about the artist’s music leaking into their cube.

After the jump, why don’t you turn the sound off and watch the following video!


  7 Responses to “Sound Off”

  1. cherguevara

    That is a wide guitar strap and nice Saturday Night Fever suit. Nice to see Carlos not playing a PRS. George Benson seems so smooth and mellow, I bet he soaks his guitar in shea butter or something. 1:45 looks like they start to smell some cinnamon buns cooking backstage. 2:11, yeah, those buns are smelling good, can’t wait to eat some. Their closeness and gyrations are somewhat homoerotic.

    3:36, presume Benson is playing some jazz octaves there. And Benson gives drummer the STFU hand, are we seeing the mean streak in George Benson? 4:40, wow Carlos leans super far back, maybe he thinks he’ll find the plot on the ceiling. Benson is maybe scatting along to the tune. 5:30 they’re in some kind of post-muso-coital bliss but wait, Carlos has more moves. He’s going to tremolo to climax. Benson looking psycho at 6:20. Overall ruling for this clip: Totally Breezin’

  2. cherguevara

    Haha, now looking into it (and listening) they *are* playing “Breezin'” I had no idea! Well, cracked myself up with the dumb shit I know.

  3. ladymisskirroyale

    It does have a sort of porn quality to it.

  4. Carlos Santana is the Linda Lovelace of guitar porn.

  5. Have you ever noticed how much Santana touches his knob? After every riff, his hand goes to adjust the volume on his guitar. From 2:00 until 2:12, he touches the volume and/or tone knob about 6 times. I’ve seen him do this before and I’ve always written it off as a case of the nerves manifesting itself as OCD-like behavior because there is never a difference in the sound of his guitar. Now, in keeping with Cherguevarra’s observation regarding the homoerotic undercurrent running through this performance, I’m starting to think that in spite of all of Santana’s questing for spiritual enlightenment, he still may need to come to terms with one final truth about himself before he completes his journey towards true self-acceptance.

    Also, George Benson makes way WAY too much eye contact for my comfort level.

  6. All I could think about was Carlos rocks the cop “porn” ‘stache as well as or better than the late great Freddie Mercury.

  7. I especially noticed both Carlos and George’s guitar strumming technique. The former seemed much more passionate and the latter much more at ease and therefore much cooler. The guitar strap for Benson looked resplendent to me, ie dazzling. Carlos Santana seemed the height of passion, Benson, ultra cool

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