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Feb 202013

Every day I take a break and head off to the gym to blow off some steam. Unfortunately, they’ve installed new machines with big video screens that obstruct most of the view around the room. Preferring to listen to my own music, I don’t listen to the sound from the video selections offered. But I have been watching some things without the sound and this video came up. Although it’s not a performance-based video as we tend to use in “Sound Off!” I think it is certainly game for a little analysis. I can say that the song did not sound anything like I thought it would, and definitely made the video a little bit better. Nonetheless, without the sound, the video did spur a certain reaction from me and I wonder if it might be the same for you.


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  1. So much comes to mind with the sound off: the washed-out Super 8 Look is always appealing…the guy’s bo-bo shoes are not. The bugs followed by him about to bite into a sandwich creep me out. I wasn’t expecting a ghost to pop out from behind that door; I thought he was about to walk into a porn scene.

    Gotta dig the drummer’s adidas Superstars, but the bassist needs to do something with his hair and bear – give one or the other a little definition.

    I love swings. It’s a good thing a kid was’t sitting on that swing when it broke. What’s an adult doing sitting on swings and breaking them? I hope he paid for that damage.

    I love grapefruits. For as long as I’ve been married I’ve said to my wife that we needed to get the serrated grapefruit spoons of my childhood. Did I ever do anything about it? No! Last week she saw those spoons and bought us two. My wife rules.

    I don’t know how long this song actually sounds, but it seems to go on forever with the sound off. Then they had to show his bo-bo shoes once more. Boo shoes!

    Good stuff, cher. I look forward to actually hearing the song later tonight.

  2. This is what I would have imagined the Chocolate Rain guy’s video to look like.

  3. cherguevara

    Mostly what I thought was “lookit the self-stereotyping hipsters” and was bothered by how amateur and self-conscious the whole thing was. I think I don’t respond well to videos where the concept is mostly “let’s just roll the camera and goof around.”

  4. 2000 Man

    No wonder Cliff Huxtable gets so mad at his son in law! All day long he just runs around playing with dogs, looking in Adult Bookstore windows, hanging around with some stupid white boys that not only don’t have jobs, but don’t seem to have showers, and chasing ghosts.

    The childish vandalsim and dropping that painting Claire did isn’t scoring him any points, either.

  5. Toro Y Moi! Going to see him perform a week from tonight.

  6. cherguevara

    Give us a report!

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