Apr 242010

Part of it’s the mix, but I listened to the studio version of this Thin Lizzy song, “Whiskey in the Jar,” and heard the same lack of restraint in the lead guitar. I’m not an expert on matters of tasteful guitar – and I’m a big fan of The Velvet Underground‘s “I Heard Her Call My Name” – but is the guitarist (Eric Bells?) stepping all over Phil Lynott’s vocals? I guess it’s supposed to be “Celtic” sounding, but man, get a little stringed instrument!

Tasteful guitar experts, what do you think? Is there a song that comes to mind when you think, Lead guitarist showing absolutely no restraint?


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  1. hrrundivbakshi

    All-time worst/least restrained guitar solo: “25 Or 6 to 4” by Chicago. Ugh.

  2. he’s not steppin on the vocal so much, but the guy playin guitar in that awful german TV special of The Byrds horrific Chestnut Mare is pretty stinkin tasteless!

  3. Mr. Moderator

    That’s a good one, shawnkilroy. That song – and that performance – is one of my all-time favorite good-bad songs/performances. If I could re-create the most enjoyable, heartfelt, yet bad performances in rock that would definitely be part of my program.

  4. coke-boogie

  5. BigSteve

    Yeah Clarence White of the Byrds is a good example of this. I love Chestnut Mare, and I recall being blown away by it in concert on two occasions lo these many years ago, but White did tend to diddle away throughout every song. And that influence can occasionally be heard on British bands of the era who were in thrall to the Byrds. Note Dave Davies doing lots of twiddly bending all during Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues, especially the live version on Everybody’s in Showbiz. The guitar on Motorway is very Clarence White too.

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