Oct 282012

For some reason I was digging deep the other day and pulled out this relic from Dave Davies.

This little number wasn’t very popular back in the early ’80s, but I always thought it rocked pretty hard, compared to Kinks stuff of the same period.

Another bro sideman I like, is Warren Zanes, who was a teenager when he was in Del Fuegos with bro Dan. His Memory Girls album of a few years ago is not well known, but a real nice record. Evidently, Warren works at the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, but there isn’t much on YouTube of his solo stuff, so this will have to do.

A buddy of mine is a strong supporter of David Knopfler, a “founder” of Dire Straits for all that got him: “Wild West End?”This low-rent video is somewhat amusing. I guess Mark figured he didn’t need a sound alike in the band.

So, who’s you favorite brother SIDEMAN?


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